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Assassin’s Creed AI-Generated Art Appears On Ubisoft Social Media In Wake Of Cost Cutting

Ubisoft‘s social media channels have been flooded with dodgy-looking, AI-generated Assassin’s Creed artwork.

The Latin America Twitter account for the publishing giant posted an image of Assassin’s Creed II protagonist Ezio Auditore, who people quickly mocked due to the character looking like he had just parkoured his way out of Fortnite. Presumably as a result of the backlash, Ubisoft swiftly deleted the post.

Meanwhile, Ubisoft Netherlands posted an image of Ezio with Jack-o’-lanterns in an attempt to get in the Halloween spirit, again looking suspiciously like AI-generated rubbish. The text “Which Ubisoft game is perfect for this horrible evening?” accompanied the post.

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Ubisoft recently announced that more than 1,000 employees had left the French publisher during the past 12 months due to its plans to cut costs. Some were voluntary departures, but there were widespread layoffs across Ubisoft’s customer support, marketing, and other departments across the US and Europe.

Reid Southern, a film concept artist, posted on Twitter: “Ubisoft literally conducting layoffs this year and last month, and they’re posting AI art. Unbelievable. What the hell is the game industry doing right now.”

[Source — Reid Southern on Twitter via Kotaku]