Assassin’s Creed III big ‘Thanksgiving Patch’ releasing this week

Ubisoft today released via its official forums that the third installment of its Assassin’s Creed series will receive a major patch soon coined the "Thanksgiving Patch."

Assassin’s Creed III has had quite a collective of glitches and issues after its long-awaited launch, and, though a patch greeted avid fans on day one, Ubisoft has sought to fix as many of the issues before the holiday season really kicks off. With Black Friday coming at the end of the week, this hotfix is perfectly timed to accomodate any new players to have the experience that Ubisoft wants players to have.

Though the support staff on the Ubisoft forum stated that the patch will be "out by the end of the week," it could be speculated that, because of the patch name, we could even see it by Thursday. Regardless, it’s a great sign that Ubisoft is taking out as many issues as it is.

Below is the list of multiplayer and PlayStation 3-exclusive fixes, and the entire list of over 100 changes to Assassin’s Creed III can be found on the Ubisoft official forums. Be warned: if you haven’t finished the story yet, many of these alterations affect issues in the story and those issues are detailed in the forum post. So, if you don’t want spoilers, then take solace in the fact that the 36 mission fixes will make the entire experience much smoother.

PlayStation 3-Specific Fixes

– Fixed wrong message after purchasing a DLC and leaving the store
– Westpoint DLC – mission "A SPY AMONG US", fixed a bug where required characters would disappear and not come back if the player went too far from them
– Westpoint DLC – fixed a bug where the player could fall through the map by going through the gate while in conflict


Multiplayer Modes
– ASSASSINATE – Instances where it was possible for players to kill players that were not their target in Assassinate have been corrected.
– ASSASSINATE – Bodyguards no longer fail to stun when they are locked by the pursuer of the player they protect.
– DEATHMATCH – In Fort Wolcott, fixed a bug where players would remained stuck on warmup screen.
– MANHUNT – The cooldown boosts for loss streak bonus are not permanently active for all abilities during a manhunt round anymore.

Multiplayer Abilities
– Loss Streak now correctly triggers when players lose their contracts five times in a row.
– Disruption now breaks the hitting player’s lock.
– The Smoke Bomb’s drop behavior has been updated. It now drops at the user’s feet instead of dropping in front of them. However, if players drop it from a ledge, it will drop below them.
– Throwing Knives used against players hiding in haystacks will now make them get out of this haystack.
– Using Throwing Knives against a target now prevents the target from contesting the kill.
– Players are no longer stuck after using the Money Bomb from a ledge.

Multiplayer Ladders
– Several issues which occurred when players would quit a Manhunt pre-session lobby and join their friends the same session later have been corrected.
– After a session ends on a draw, both teams will now receive the same rate for Abstergo ladder, instead of one team getting a winning rate and the other getting a losing rate.
– Players are now granted Abstergo points normally even if one or several players get the idle state at the end of the session (The idle players do not get any Abstergo points)

Multiplayer Misc
– It is now possible for players to lock their target when their target has just stunned them.
– Changing the ability set three times during a game can no longer reset the ability’s cooldown.
– The X icon no longer inaccurately persistently displays.
– It is no longer possible for players to get up and perform a kill under certain conditions while they’re vulnerable.
– Transitions to join Multiplayer sessions after an invite now work correctly.
– Warm up games are no longer interrupted when the host player leaves.
– It is now possible to stun a vulnerable pursuer.
– The X icon no longer displays above the pursuer’s previous target when they have been stunned after being vulnerable.

Via Ubisoft Forums, Eurogamer