Assassin’s Creed Unity Creative Director defends 900p/30fps decision

After suffering the fury of the internet after Senior Producer Vincent Pontbriand announced that Assassin’s Creed Unity would be capped at 900p/30fps on both PS4 and XBox One in the interest of ‘’avoiding all the debates and stuff’’ earlier this week, the game’s director has spoken out to further defend the decision.

Speaking to TechRadar, Assassin’s Creed Unity Creative Director Alex Amancio stated that 30fps suited Unity better and questioned whether resolution was all that important ‘’if the game looks gorgeous’’.

‘’30 [fps] was our goal, it feels more cinematic’’ Amancio said. ‘’60 is good for a shooter, action adventure, not so much, it actually feels better for people when it’s at that 30fps. It also lets us push the limits of everything to the maximum’’.

He then added ‘’Is it the quality of the number of pixels you want? If the game looks gorgeous, who cares about the number?’’

Ubisoft, the company behind the successful series, have already angered gamers this year where graphics are concerned.

New IP Watch_Dogs was the subject of much derision earlier in the year for looking far less polished than when it was initially revealed. 

Assassin’s Creed Unity launches on November 14 for PS4.

Does resolution matter to you? Is this all a big fuss over nothing? Or do your eyes weep when anything below 60fps affronts them? Let us know below.