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Astro Bot On PS5 Has Been A Huge Win With Fans As It Nets 99% Likes On YouTube

Sony’s State Of Play played host to a new Astro Bot game announcement yesterday evening, and from the look of things, it was the clear winner from the broadcast — 99% of viewers on YouTube ‘Liked’ its debut trailer.

Compare this with Concord, which received only 18% Likes on YouTube at the time of publication for its gameplay trailer. The cinematic trailer did sightly better but that’s not saying much, as it only saw 23% Likes. Evidently, people aren’t too impressed with the game despite its obvious Guardians of the Galaxy-style appeal, both in terms of character designs and sci-fi theme.

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Astro Bot is based on the PS5’s pack-in tech demo Astro’s Playroom, and is a brand new platformer featuring more than 80 different stages and a host of new abilities. Much like the tech demo before it, Astro Bot will take full advantage of the DualSense controller.

Much of the disappointment regarding Concord appears to be based on many players not realising it was a player-versus-player shooter, as the cinematic trailer did give the impression of it being a single-player adventure with a Guardians of the Galaxy spin. I’ll be honest; I didn’t realise this wasn’t the case, and was a bit bummed to find out it was an Overwatch-style shooter.

[Source – VGC]