Atelier and Disgaea join forces in new 3D PS3 JRPG

Sileconera has handily translated some details from the new issue of Famitsu, which reveals a new crossover RPG for the PlayStation 3.

Trinity Universe will feature characters from both the Atelier and Disgaea games. The games will feature two disparate paths: a demon lord storyline with Nippon Ichi characters and a goddess story with Gust characters. The protagonist on the demon side is a "devil dog" called Katana (yeah, this is a true JRPG, unlike that other game).

Unlike the usual Disgaea games, Trinity Universe will be 3D (it certainly won’t look as pretty as FFXIII, but that’s neither here nor there). The game’s combat should be familiar to Xenogears players; attacks require certain amounts of AP, and skills are mapped to three buttons.

The game is set for release in Japan in August, while the western release could be announced as soon as tomorrow.