Atomicrops PS4 Roguelite

Atomicrops Is A Rogue-Like Farming Sim With Guns

It’s the game we never knew we all wanted. Raw Fury, an indie game publisher from Stockholm has released an amazing but barmy trailer. Digest it with your eyes below, its a great looking, unique title due to release on PlayStation 4 this year. Atomicrops looks beautifully insane.

Farming Has Never Looked This Good

You have inherited your dead uncle’s farm, which sounds great but unfortunately, it was at the precise time a nuclear apocalypse lays waste to mankind. What are the chances of that? You must now use the farm to grow massive amounts of GMO fruits and vegetables to survive. Protect it from hoards of foes and make what you can from farming the land.

Farm. Marry. Kill.

Reap the rewards of your farming exploits, make profits and buy upgrades to help along the way. You can marry a kindred spirit from a nearby town to fight alongside you, they do say more hands make light work. At the same time fight bizarre post-nuclear pests trying to eat your crops and turn them into fertilizer to maximize your profits.

Explore multiple biomes, discover relics, farming equipment and tomes to increase your farming power. Recruit an entourage of helpers and animals and automate farming tasks. Cultivating Atomicrops is a tough job, you’ll need all the help you can get.

Its A Bullet Hell, Roguelite, Farming Sim

Atomicrops looks like everything we love about video games. Its a bullet-hell, roguelite, farming simulator. We never thought those three terms would be in the same sentence but it does sound amazing. Hopefully the gameplay will live up to the premise.

The art style and gameplay shown in the trailer really do look promising. We certainly cant wait to put our green fingers on our triggers and save the world.

What do you think of the trailer? Ever wanted to play Stardew Valley with machine guns? Let us know in the comments below.