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Babylon’s Fall Update 1.07 Unleashes New Quest, Cosmetics, And Bug Fixes

Platinum Games has released Babylon’s Fall Update 1.07 in a bid to further polishing the critically-panned slasher, with this latest patch offering a bunch of new content including an extra quest, cosmetics, and various bug fixes.

Check out the latest Babylon’s Fall patch notes below.

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A new quest has been added to the “Light of Aaru” story.

Complete the Campaign quests in the Tower of Benben to progress.


Added a new Gauntlet.

In the new Gauntlet, your Sentinel’s HP will constantly decrease. However, you can recover HP by obtaining golden crystal Midasites and Conches along the way. The key to victory lies in being tactical about how you use them.

Added a new Duel.

Face off against the mighty Warlord, Ereshkigal.
Players who are confident in their skills can try their hand at the challenge of defeating her.

Added a new Skirmish.


Added new infamous enemies.

The Outer Wall of Aaru Fausta the Frozen Heart

Aaru High Stalker X-1000


Added new costume items and communication items to the Garaz Shop.

Imperial Knight’s Attire

Rhino Attire Pack

Solar Cover & Sol Flare Cape

Aaru Cape

Season 2 Exclusive Items

Added / Changed Features

New weapons, armor, and accessories have been added.

New items have been added to Pygmalion’s Courtyard.

New orders have been added.

The design of the objective icon has been changed to make it easier to see.

Active boost effect(s) are now displayed in the lower left corner of the screen when preparing for a quest.

The screen flow when purchasing the insufficient amount of Garaz has been consolidated.

The sale period and item confirmation are now displayed when using Garaz.

Hanging Garden

Adjusted the layout.

Festival / Campaign Information

“Festival of the Sun” Event

From July 19 to August 16

The “Festival of the Sun” summer event will be held for a limited time.

Special quests and costume items will be added to celebrate the summer season, so get ready for things to heat up!

Ranking Event

Gauntlet “Tempestuous Skies II”: From July 12 to August 30

Duel “Warmomo the Watermelon Cannoneer: Very Hard”: From August 2 to August 16

Duel “Ereshkigal: Very Hard”: From August 30 to September 27

A special ranking event in which you can compete for the top score will be held on the above dates.

The Duel “Warmomo the Watermelon Cannoneer: Very Hard” will be held as part of the Festival of the Sun.

Updated Lineup of Items for Sale

“Season 2 Items II”: From July 12 to August 30

“Season 2 Items III”: From August 16 to November 29

Each lineup will see the introduction of new costume items and more to enjoy.

Issues Fixed

The following issues have been resolved:

Cannot change target to “Enemy” when target is facing “Player.”

If a quest is attempted while the ranking event is being held, the score received is extremely high.

Enhancing armor with enhancing items does not change the total parameters on the Equipment screen.

The arm armor Snipe Armlets and the leg armor Snipe Breeches are partially transparent when using a specific Camera Distance setting.

“Chapter Points” may not be displayed while progressing through the Steel Wind II Gauntlet in certain environments.

When selecting “Purchase Battle Pass,” selecting “Battle Pass Details” may cause the game to become inoperable.

If you do not have enough Garaz when purchasing a Battle Pass, purchases of Garaz may not be reflected immediately.

When updating to the latest version, the Camera Distance setting may not be carried over correctly.

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