Badass Bosses: Nelo Angelo

Welcome back to another instalment in PSU’s Badass Bosses series. This time around, we celebrate the release of the recent Devil May Cry HD Collection by scrutinizing one of the series’ most iconic baddies: Nelo Angelo.

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Decked out in nightmarish clobber and brandishing a massive sword, Nelo Angelo is in reality the corrupted form of Dante’s twin brother Vergil, who vanished following the events of Devil May Cry 3. Now serving Big Bad Mundus under a new alias, Neo Angelo ambushes his brother while on Malee Island, and crops up a total of three times throughout the game. This time around however it’s more than a simple case of sibling rivalry; now Mundus’ puppet, Neo Angelo attacks his twin with relentless power, and is more than a match for Dante. As such, players will need to pull out all the stops in order to triumph over their adversary.

As an enemy Nelo Angelo packs a mighty punch. Not only is he capable of some lethal combos with his weapon, he’s also incredibly agile and strong, able to withstand a barrage of damage. Furthermore, he can teleport at will, positioning himself in strategically advantageous locations almost instantaneously. From afar, he’ll lob balls of energy at you, requiring Dante to get pretty nimble on his feet to avoid them. Firearms do little damage against this tenacious foe; your only sure fire way to beat him is to get up close and personal using your own sword or Ilfrit. Devil Trigger is your friend, so make sure to stock up on Devil Stars as much as possible, not to mention healing items.

However, even this isn’t a walk in the park. Nelo Angelo can overpower Dante if you aren’t as relentless in your attacks as your opponent, especially when in your regular state. Clashing swords with Nelo Angelo is a common sight, and whoever follows up afterwards is usually the one who avoids getting a sword through their sternum. Facing him head-on can work if you are in Devil Trigger mode, though your best bet is to try and smack Angelo from behind where he’s not in the position to counter-attack. This can be tricky, but with some fancy footwork and precise jumping you should be able to give Dante the edge – particularly when Nelo starts teleporting about the place, giving you a chance to leap over him as he attacks and hit him from the rear.

As mentioned you’ll fight Angelo three times, though the first two are relatively similar minus the environment. The first encounter is far more open and takes place on multiple levels, while the second confrontation is a little more confined. The third and final battle takes place indoors, and is unequivocally the toughest of the lot. Aside from the slightly claustrophobic conditions, Nelo also boasts some fresh attacks up his sleeves. In addition to his dexterous swordplay, your enemy can now summon a collective group of swords to follow Dante from above, before striking downwards with alarming accuracy. Needless to say, you better have your finger on the dodge button. 

More than anything, don’t underestimate your opponent. Nelo Angelo is a tough bugger and equally as skilled as his heroic sibling, so be prepared for a tough slog of a battle. Devil Trigger should be at the front of your mind, and unless you’re handy with a Grenade Launcher, don’t bother with firearms.

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