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Baldo: The Guardian Owls PS4 Release Date Confirmed

Baldo: The Guardian Owls will release on PS4 towards the end of this summer on August 27, 2021, announces developer Naps Team.

The news comes from website Gematsu and the release date is welcome news for those who have been waiting for its release since we first saw a hefty chunk of gameplay most recently in May of this year.

You can watch the most recent trailer for Baldo: The Guardian Owls on PS4 for yourself, right here:

Speaking to website GameInformer, the creator and artist behind Baldo: The Guardian Owls Fabio Capone said “It isn’t focused on combat mainly, although that’s a big part of it, but it will share a lot of elements from the Zelda series. At its core Baldo is a puzzle and dungeon game, although there are plenty of other secrets inside.”

With artwork inspired by the likes of Studio Ghibli, it’s easy to understand how Baldo: The Guardian Owls is a highly anticipated indie title. It was first revealed back in 2019, and since then has been quietly gaining more and more traction. We’ll just have to see what is in store for this mix of Studio Ghibli animation and Zelda-inspired gameplay.

Source – [Gematsu, GameInformer]