Batman: Arkham City skin included in Green Lantern Blu-ray

A source for Joystiq has revealed pictures of the unreleased Green Lantern: Extended Cut on Blu-Ray, showing that it will be bundled with yet another DLC costume for the upcoming Batman: Arkham City – the Sinestro Corps skin.

The Sinestro Corps is a team of baddies within the Green Lantern Mythos, lead by ex-Green Lantern Sinestro. Fans of the comics may know the connection between Batman and the Sinestro Corps, as they did at one point attempt to recruit the Dark Knight.

Considering that this is a Blu-Ray release, the Sinestro Corps skin can only be confirmed for the PlayStation 3 platform at this time.

The Green Lantern: Extended Cut will hit retail shelves on October 14, 2011. Batman: Arkham City is out for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC on October 18, 2011 in North America, followed by a European release on October 21, 2011.