Batman: Arkham Origins dev working on 2 new DC games

The developer behind 2013’s Batman: Arkham Origins has revealed it is beavering away on "two AAA projects in development focused on expanding the DC Comics universe."

That’s according to a new job posting by Warner Bros. Montreal, although the ad didn’t give any indication what the new games could be. However, it has been rumoured that a Batman: Arkham Collection is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at some point, and the studio has also been rumoured to be working on a Superman and Justice League title. More recently, the developer has been linked to a new open-world IP.

Ironically, although Warner Bros. Montreal worked on Arkham Origins, the game is reportedly not going to be included in the rumoured Arkham Collection, with the bundle featuring only Arkham Knight and Arkham City. In addition to working on the Dark Knight’s prequel adventure, the studio also developed the Batgirl content for this year’s critically-acclaimed Batman: Arkham Knight.

The Batman ‘Arkham’ series kicked off in 2009 with the Rocksteady Studios-developed Arkham Asylum, which was hailed as single-handedly responsible for rejuvenating the superhero genre in the video game market. Rocksteady followed the game with the sprawling Arkham City, which transported Bats into an open-world Gotham City for the first time. With Warner Bros. Montreal taking over for Arkham Origins, Rocksteady returned in 2015 with Arkham Knight, which has been marketed as the final entry in the franchise. 

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