Battlefield 3 pre-orders have reached ‘a couple of million’

Electronic Arts has revealed that pre-orders for Battlefield 3 are now at “a couple of million.”

That’s according to product manager Kevin O’ Leary, who told Fox Business (via IGN) that the eagerly-anticipated military shooter was “doing very, very well” in terms of pre-orders.

“A couple million out there. We already announced some great numbers so far. A couple more weeks to go, and we’re very excited.”

“We’re getting out in a great window. Obviously, holiday season is a great time to get the games out there,” he added. “New thing for Battlefield, too, coming out in this holiday window, so we’re excited about it, to get it out there, get it in people’s hands.”

Eric Brown, EA’s CFO, previously announced back in September that pre-orders for the game had topped the 1.25 million mark.

Battlefield 3 will be deploying to retailers across the United States on October 25, with a European release arriving on October 28.

Cheers, VG247