Battlefield 4 Megalodon easter egg uncovered

The long sought-after easter egg has finally found. Megalodon, the gargantuan extinct shark, had been long rumored to roam the watery depths of Battlefield 4’s maps and new video evidence proves it to be rumor no longer.

YouTube user “jackfrags” uploaded footage of the legendary creature and gives instructions on how to make him appear in your own match of Battlefield 4. All you need to do is gather ten players on the map Nansha Strike and swim out to a buoy found near the map’s main island. Patiently wait and you will promptly be greeted by a giant great white.

The Nansha Strike map was released in the most recent DLC pack, Naval Strike, which is available now.

Check out footage of the surfacing monster below, read our review of Battlefield 4 on PS4, and hit up our community Twitch streams where DSTheDrunkHeavy can often be found streaming EA’s mega-popular shooter.

Via Joystiq