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Battlefield 5 Premium Currency Unlocks Sweet Elite Cosmetics

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After months of Battlefield 5 being on the market players are now able to purchase Battlefield’s premium currency. Arriving in the latest Battlefield 5 Trial by Fire update, you will only be able to purchase cosmetic items and shortcut time savers with this currency so hopefully, there will be no pay to win metagame on the cards.

Battlefield 5 Elite Cosmetics

The new purchasable currency is called Battlefield Currency, which some fans are refering to as “boins” allow you to purchase Elite Cosmetics for your soldiers in your company, which are self-explanatory and just change the look of your characters. We have been informed that as well as the purchasable outfits, there are new Elite Cosmetics to earn through normal methods such as Tides of War chapter rewards.

Also available to purchase are unique characters and backgrounds. We are not sure what this really means but hopefully something to show off to your friends and make you stand out.

Beat the Grind

We don’t know why you would want to skip some of the game you have spent your hard earned cash on but you can purchase boosts if you want. They come in various flavours, tier boosts and XP boosts. The tier boost will let you catch up on Tides of War tiers, cutting down the time required to unlock your chapter rewards. If you struggle to find the time to play and don’t want to miss some unlockable items then these could be a worthwhile purchase.

XP boosts are also available and don’t really need much explaining. You will earn more experience points while playing the game. Taking points in conquest, killing other players and taking objectives will net you more XP than normal. Allowing you to rise through the ranks quickly and hopefully unlock more items on the way.

Will you be spending your hard earned cash to skip some the game you paid for? Do you think paid currency is bad for the game? Do you think its a good addition?

Let us know in the comments below.