Battlefield: Bad Company delayed?

Besides Unreal Tournament III, Battlefield: Bad Company is one of the more sought after online shooters this year. Gamers were supposed to get their hands on this title really soon, as in March. Now there are reports that Electronic Arts has pushed the title back to a later date in 2008, perhaps fall or even worse, Holiday 2008. Nothing official just yet as EA has yet to place their comments on this rumor, but if something more comes of this, PSU will be one of the first to bring it to you.

The collaboration between DICE and Electronic Arts was the band that took the industry by storm in 2002 with the release of Battlefield: 1942 for the PC platform. With a unique take on multiplayer gaming, Battlefield presented players with a more open-ended variation of battle in which ground combat combined with air combat rounded out plenty of non-linear experiences. The impact that Battlefield had created branches to spin-off titles such as Lucas Arts’ Star Wars: Battlefront.

Source: IGN