Battlefield Hardline sales were mostly on PS4 and Xbox One

Electronic Arts has revealed that Battlefield Hardline sold through the majority of its home console sales on PS4 and Xbox One.

The cops vs robber shooter shifted 80 percent of copies on Sony and Microsoft’s current-generation console, with just 20 percent sold on PS3 and Xbox 360.

Speaking during its earnings call overnight, EA said that the figure shows "how far the [console] transition has already come", even if it doesn’t intend to drop support for last-gen consoles yet.

"So we will see a slow movement away from Gen-3 [Xbox 360 and PS3]," EVP Blake Jorgensen stated during the publisher’s latest earnings call last night. "As a reminder, we’ve been making Gen-2 console games up until the last year or so. For some of our bigger franchises like our sports franchises, we’ll continue to make Gen-3. But we’re making some decisions on new franchises and titles to focus on Gen-4, partially because the power of the platform allows for exceptional gameplay and incredible graphics."

Read our review of Battlefield Hardline here. The game’s release in March 2015 made it the biggest multiformat debut of the year so far.