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BBC Cyber Reporter Says Twitch Hack ‘Could Be The Biggest Ever Seen’

A cyber security expert with the BBC has said that the Twitch hack reported earlier this week ‘could be the biggest ever seen,’ if it’s proven the full extent of the leaked data is indeed legitimate.

In case you were catching up on EastEnders or something and happened to miss everything, an anonymous hacker claimed on Wednesday to have leaked pretty much the whole of Twitch, including its source code and payment details for its users. Furthermore, Twitch itself has confirmed that “a breach has taken place.”

Joe Tidy, a cyber reporter for the BBC, had the following to say the subject:

Twitch famously fiercely guards operational details such as how much its streamers are paid, so this looks extremely embarrassing for the company. And it comes at a time when competitors such as YouTube Gaming are offering huge salaries to snap up gaming talent, so the fallout could be significant.

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What isn’t known at this point is how much of the leak is accurate, but Tidy said that there is evidence building to suggest that at least some of the data that has been compromised is legitimate.

[Source – BBC via VGC]