Beat Saber PlayStation 4 psvr

Beat Saber Gets First Music Pack

Beat Saber

The team behind the fantastic Jedi rhythm game mashup Beat Saber have announced some new content. In a recent tweet, it was announced that the first official music pack will arrive on March 14, and we cannot wait.

Beat Saber is a fantastic game that is so unique – no other PSVR experience comes close to the feeling you get when slicing in perfect time to some raucous dance music. It’s also a great workout to boot!

Also teased in another tweet was an updated look at the games UI. Enabling you to easily swap between the various OST’s in the game and find your favourite tracks to cut your way through.

Previous DLC

As much as we love this game, some new tracks to slice along too will be welcomed. There have been a few free additions to the tracklist since its initial release and there will more free DLC in the future. We do. however think you will have to stump up some cash for this add-on, which has yet to be confirmed.

Expert+ Difficulty

Also added recently was the expert+ difficulty. The standard expert difficulty is already a killer and unmanageable by most people – this new mode is insane! Having watched a few videos on expert+ mode, we won’t be tackling that in the near future. It looks very hectic, extremely fast and lots of practice will be needed.

Expert+ difficulty was originally held back for a short while due to a bug as the developers found an issue with the leaderboards that needed looking at. This was thankfully fixed and now we can all be made to feel inferior by this insanely difficult mode. Bring it on.