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Behavior Interactive Says There’s “No Reason” To Make A Dead By Daylight Sequel

Dead By Daylight 2 could be the announcement that Dead By Daylight fans have been waiting years for, and if they are then they can keep waiting in Behavior Interactive’s mind, as the developer says there’s “no reason” to make a sequel.

Head of partnerships at Behavior Interactive Mathieu Côté was asked about a potential sequel in a recent interview, with the interviewer pointing to the great success the team has seen with Dead By Daylight for seven years now.

“We want to focus on our core game and continue to expand,” said Côté. “Dead by Daylight is not going anywhere, there’s still so many stories to tell and so there’s no reason for us to start a new one.”

Dead By Daylight has always been made to be a live service title, it was always meant to try and last forever, with new updates keeping players engaged.

Dead By Daylight has found a formula that works for it, and it’s no surprise that the team sees no reason to move onto a totally different game.

Behavior Interactive is almost taking a lesson from Bungie in a way, instead of releasing a Dead By Daylight 2 in the same vein of Destiny 2, it’s just sticking with the first name that already worked.

Source – [MP1st]