Behemoth News PS5 PSVR 2 State Of Play May 2024

Behemoth Looks Set To Be PSVR 2’s Big Game For 2024 Thanks To New Gameplay Footage Released At State Of Play

behemoth psvr2 state of play

One of the most promising PSVR 2 titles to come along in a good long while, Behemoth, which comes from the talented team behind the The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners games, was given a proper gameplay trailer during today’s State of Play briefing.

Set to release for PSVR 2 in Fall 2024, Behemoth puts players in the role of a cursed warrior who must alleviate the curse afflicting their homeland of the Forsaken Lands by tackling the titular monstrous Behemoths. Part Skyrim VR and a (big) part Shadow of the Colossus, Behemoth melds immersive traversal and physics based first-person combat to create one of the better looking PSVR 2 titles we’ve seen.

You can catch the new gameplay trailer for Behemoth below.