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Voyeuristic Treat Beholder Complete Edition Is Available Now On PS4

Sneaky bastards everywhere rejoice – Curve Digital has today confirmed that sneaky voyeuristic strategy title Beholder Complete Edition is available now on PS4.

Originally available for PC back in the dark mists of 2016, Beholder Complete Edition brings a type of game to PS4 owners that they really haven’t seen before. Earning its Complete Edition moniker by including the ‘Blissful Sleep’ DLC that released on PC previously, Beholder Complete Edition puts players in the shoes of a landlord who, within the confines of a dystopian regime where privacy is non-existent, must decide between helping the tenants in his sprawling apartment complex subvert the regime, or turn them in for personal gain.

“Bringing Beholder Complete Edition to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is a dream come true for the development team”, said George Morgan, Product Manager for Curve Digital, “We live in an age where people are always on camera and we can’t wait to see what players do when they are the ones doing the watching. Carl’s choices aren’t easy ones to make and we hope the players will agonize over their decisions”.

As Carl, the titular Beholder, players can use a variety of surveillance techniques to spy on their hapless tenants, using evidence of rebellion against the state as blackmail material, or alternatively, players may also pursue the path of freedom fighter themselves; aiding the cause of those who would seek to usurp the oppressive regime and seek to secure their freedom from it instead.

Boasting a near endless number of procedurally generated scenarios, over 20 different endings and inexhaustible number of tense, emotionally and morally draining situations, Beholder Complete Edition, quite like the denizens Carl follows in their day to day lives, deservedly begs for your attention.

Beholder Complete Edition is available now on PS4 with a 10% discount for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Source: Curve Digital via Terminals