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PlayStation Plus January 2018 games available today for free

playstation plus january 2018

The PlayStation Plus games for January 2018 will be available to download today on the PlayStation Store. Topping the free games list is Deus Ex Mankind Divided, the action role-playing stealth game from Square Enix. TellTale Games are also giving out their wares for free with Batman: The TellTale Series.

PlayStation Plus January 2018 games list

The games on PS Plus for January 2018 will be available to download once the PS Store updates later today. As you can see from our predictions below, we got one right! Here’s the full line-up.

  • Batman: The TellTale Series (PS4)
  • Deus Ex Mankind Divided (PS4)
  • StarBlood Arena (PSVR)
  • That's You!
  • Sacred 3 (PS3)
  • Book of Unwritten Tales 2 (PS3)
  • Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness (PS Vita)
  • Uncanny Valley (PS Vita & PS4)

Original Story: As seen with our very own eyes, Facebook adverts of two PlayStation Plus January 2018 games have begun to appear ahead of the official announcement from Sony. As rumored, it looks like it’s pretty much confirmed that Batman Telltale Series and Deus Ex Mankind Divided will be two of those games. The advert is from the official Sony PlayStation account.

Two of the PlayStation Plus January 2018 games have apparently been leaked. It’s rumored that Batman Telltale Series and Deus Ex Mankind Divided will be two of free PS4 games coming next month.

The leak stems from this image that surfaced on Google Plus, said to be from a Reddit thread (that we can’t find) though the images could easily have been photoshopped, and we can’t locate the source of the screenshot. As you can see below, it shows the Batman game, Deus Ex game and That’s You!

playstation plus january 2018

Original story

Get ready for the PlayStation Plus January 2018 games announcement! While we’re waiting for the official list, we’ve put our heads together to come up with some predictions.

We have got some of these right in the past, so we’re not just plucking them out of thin air – there’s actual some sort of science behind the way we decide which free PlayStation Plus games will make the cut. Following the PS Plus December 2017 line-up, let’s take a look at what might be coming up.

When will the PlayStation Plus January 2018 games be announced?

Traditionally, Sony announces the PS Plus line-up of free PS4 games on the last Wednesday of every month. This year it falls on December 27. We can also pinpoint a time of around 4-6pm GMT. We’ll announce the PlayStation Plus January 2018 line-up right here when it lands, but you can also check out the PlayStation Blog.

What are our PlayStation Plus January 2018 games predictions?

They have yet to be confirmed, but like every month that doesn’t stop us making some bold predictions (and, yes, we have got some right in the past).

Without further ado, check out our PS Plus free games predictions for January 2018.

Batman: The Telltale Series – PS4

Telltale Games are no strangers to PlayStation Plus. Previously, members have enjoyed other games in the developer’s series of point-and-click adventures, including The Walking Dead. The Batman game launched in 2016 and is prime for PlayStation Plus in 2018. With five episodes in the series, Telltale could release one or two episodes as a teaser, or may start off 2018 in style by offering subscribers the full package.

ps plus january 2018 batman rumor

Nex Machina – PS4

Housemarque’s shoot ’em up for PS4 is fairly fresh in our minds following its release in summer 2017. The arcade-style shooter is fast-paced with a heavy focus on all-out action. In our review, we described it as: “Brutal, compelling, enthralling and layered with hidden depths, Nex Machina is awash with retrotastic glory, and serves as the new benchmark for twin-stick shooters. This would be an excellent addition to the free PS Plus games in January 2018.

ps plus nex machina rumor

Knee Deep – PS4

You don’t get a month go by without getting a few indie games on PlayStation Plus. We’re predicting that Knee Deep will be one of those free PS4 games. The slow-paced, narrative driven adventure is not for everyone, but we loved it. In our review we wrote: ” Knee Deep strips everything back from aesthetics to player agency to fashion a non-linear narrative adventure quite unlike any other. Fans of well-written adventures would do well to not sleep on Knee Deep.”

ps plus knee deep

A Boy and his Blob – PS4, PS4, PS Vita

The multi-platform game for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita could be A Boy and His Blob from Wayforward Technologies. The 2D side-scrolling, platformer is a re-hash of the original 1989 game in which a boy works alongside a blob-like creature to avoid many obstacles and move through dozens of levels solving puzzles.

ps plus january 2018 free games

Lara Croft GO – PS4, PS Vita

Lara Croft GO is a brilliant game that’s available on PS4 and PS Vita. We’ve predicted this to land in the PlayStation Plus line-up of free games in the past, and we’re certain it will arrive at some point in 2018. Despite being a mobile port, it’s a fantastic puzzle game. In our review we wrote: Lara Croft GO is that rarest of beasts; a puzzle effort that not only elegantly distills the core essence of the franchise with which it shares its namesake, but one which is equally at home on PS4 as it is on PS Vita.

lara croft go ps plus

Shiren the Wanderer – PS Vita

Available for PS Vita, Shiren the Wanderer is a roguelike role-playing game and the fifth entry in the series. The graphics have an old-school feel as you enter randomly generated dungeons in search of loot. It’s painfully challenging at times, and incredibly in-depth, despite the easy to use combat scheme.

shiren the wanderer free

Let us know your predictions for the PlayStation Plus January 2018 games below. Check back for the official announcement shortly.