Best Countries for Freelance Work and Life

Working remotely is something that can be done in almost every industry. Thanks to developing technology, we are no longer dependent on an office. More and more people are choosing to work freelance, and it is becoming a lifestyle. You can set your working hours and get more opportunities to have fun at sites such as vegaz casino. One of the most important advantages of working freelance is that you can work literally from anywhere in the world. Any place where you take your laptop can be turned into an office.

Predictably, however, some countries are better suited to “nomad-styleā€¯ work, and for the same reason, they are a good choice for living. We have selected the most suitable countries for freelancing and listed them below:

Mexico City – Mexico

You don’t often see Mexico City on the best countries to work and live lists, but we think it’s a mistake. First of all, this would be a good city for US freelancers because it is so close to the United States. You can change countries in just a few hours. In addition, Mexico City’s infrastructure is much better than many Asian countries, which means you won’t have any problems getting online.

The cost of living is lower than in any US state, and you can get an above-average quality of life without lowering your standards. Mexico City also has a rich culture and a lifestyle that will appeal to all tastes. Whether you want to work or have fun, you can do both whenever you want.

Prague – The Czech Republic

If you also fancy active nightlife in the city where you are moving to work, Prague is probably the best option. The Czech Republic is considered to be the most suitable country to work as a nomad, along with Estonia. Internet infrastructure is strong enough, the cost of living is almost as good as in Asian countries, and bureaucracy is nearly non-existent. In a few days, you can rent a house, set up your business, and start working in no time.

Prague has the distinction of being one of the favorite cities of expats, meaning foreign freelancers won’t have a problem either. And you don’t have to adapt to a very different culture. So, there is no need to make radical changes to your lifestyle.

Barcelona – Spain

HSBC regularly conducts surveys among expats. These surveys show that eight out of ten expats think that Barcelona is way better than their home country in terms of quality of life. We can repeat for Barcelona what we said about Prague. However, if you want to be closer to the Mediterranean – Spain would be a better choice. Also, you can get a good internet connection even in exotic places like the Canary Islands.

Spain is not as good as other countries in terms of the cost of living, but still better than the United States. What’s more, as a central European country, it offers benefits you can’t get in many other places, so it’s worth it. Even Spain’s unique cultural heritage alone may be enough reason for you to choose this country.

San Jose – Costa Rica

Did you know that Costa Rica is called the “Switzerland of South America”? This country may be the best option for freelancers who want silence and peace. Costa Rica has incredible natural beauty, and its people are friendly. You can grab your laptop and go down to the beach or rent a coworking space, which is pretty common here. If you move away from big cities, you may have difficulty being online, but in San Jose, you don’t have to worry about this. High-speed internet is easily accessible there.

The only downside to Costa Rica is that the cost of living is slightly higher. However, this is true when compared to other South American countries. It is still quite low compared to the US and Europe. Therefore, this place would be a better option for middle-aged freelancers who have reached a certain point in their careers and want a calm life.

Phuket – Thailand

You can see that Thailand is included in many similar lists. There’s a reason for that: Thailand allows you to have a relaxed lifestyle without sacrificing technology. Thai people have a very different culture from Western countries. They think change is inevitable, therefore, they try to enjoy every moment. Thai folks are extremely friendly and have no hostility towards strangers. Here you can feel at home from day one.

The cost of living is quite low, and the internet infrastructure is very good. You won’t have any difficulty getting online. The only problem is that you will see a lot of freelancers like you. Thailand is among the first choices of almost everyone who wants to live and work abroad, and for the same reason, most of the country is full of American & European freelancers.