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Best PS4 Steering Wheel To Buy – 2018

best ps4 steering wheel

Looking for the best PS4 steering wheel to achieve a realistic racing experience on PS4? With Dirt 4, The Crew 2, Need for Speed Payback 2 and other best racing games of 2018, there’s more choice than ever on the tracks. So, if you buy a steering wheel you should get your money’s worth.

Check out the list of best PS4 steering wheels. Below you’ll see their specifications, strength, downsides, and price. Compare them and you can decide whichever is the best is for you.

  1. Thrustmaster T150
Rotation: 1080 degrees



Pedals Adjustable: Yes

– Great for beginners

– Compatible with all eco system pedals

– Good force feedback

– Clamp planted wheels

– Paddle shifters with solid click

– Can change rotation degrees while flying


– Has a small rim

– Hard mount wheel

– Half plastic rim

– Average pedals

Less than $200


  1. Logitech G29
Rotation: 900 degrees



Pedals Adjustable: No

– Dual-motor force feedback

– Helical gearing with anti-backlash

– Easy-access game controls

– Responsive floor pedal unit

– Secure mounting

– Steering wheel stripe

– Has little real steering wheel feel

– Rim cannot be changed out

– Brake feels heavy at the tail end

– Has clanking sounds at times

– High price



  1. Thrustmaster T300 Ferrari GTE
Rotation: 1080 degrees



Pedals Adjustable: Yes

– Easy to add on invertible pedals, and a shifter

– Strong, smooth and quiet force feedback

– Precise and responsive wheel

– Rims can be swapped

– Compatible with PS4 and PS3

– Has small rim

– Pedals average

– Fixed face plate on the brake pedal

– Costly


Note: We’ve reviewed the Thrustmaster T300 RS.

  1. Racing Wheel Apex
Rotation: 270 degrees



Pedals Adjustable: Yes

– Simple wheels and pedal

– Budget-friendly

– Can be customized

– Adjustable pedal response

– Quick rotation adjustment

– No forced feedback

– Plastic pedals



  1. Fanatec CSL Elite
Rotation: 1080 degrees



Pedals Adjustable: Yes

– Realistic car steering feel

– Uses a superior ClubSport technology

– Has sensors mounted directly on the steering axis for precise steering

– Can be customized

– Detachable wheel

– High price$599.95

Looking for the best PS4 steering wheel can be tough for there are lots of high-end wheels in the market. Use this guide to get the best one without hurting your pocket…too much!