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Best PS4 Racing Games in 2017

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Looking for the best PS4 racing games? We’ve got the complete list of all racing games on PS4 in 2017 right here, from the very best to the worst.

It’s tough to single out the best PS4 racing games because it really depends how you like your driving games. From simulations to arcade racers and table-top racing to rallying, the top racers are really down to what you enjoy playing the most.

So, here’s the list of all PS4 driving games to have ever been released on Sony’s console. For the games we’ve reviewed, we’ve also included a link to the review and a score.

Best PS4 racing games in 2017

If you’re looking to play one of the latest racing games, then here’s the definitive list of racers that are already available in 2017, or are due to be released in 2017 and beyond.

FlatOut 4: Total Insanity

flaout 4 total insanity review

We described Kylotonn’s reckless driving game as the “best FlatOut game in the series” to date. This is all about fun, and FlatOut 4 doesn’t take itself too seriously with every race feeling like a violent battle against other drivers. With destruction aplenty and tons of game modes, FlatOut 4 is a breath of fresh air among the more serious racing games on PS4.


  • Release date: 30 May
  • Score: Average 66% on Metacritic

bike racing on ps4

The official motocross game is back for a third outing with 18 official tracks from the championship and extensive customization options with over 300 parts for you to pimp your ride. Little has changed from the first game in the series, and players can expect a steep simulation-like challenge. Official licensing is sure to thrill fans of motocross.

WipEout Omega Collection

space racer screenshot

Racing games don’t have to just involve cars, of course, and we were as happy as Larry to see the return of the WipEout series on PS4. Controlling hovering space ships around futuristic tracks has never looked so good, and the beauty of it is you get three games for the price of one with WipEout HD, WipEout HD Fury and WipEout 2048 all receiving a lovely makeover.

DiRt 4

dirt racing game

Codemasters has pulled it out of the bag with DiRT 4, taking on player feedback to deliver a game that also allows less experienced PS4 drivers to have fun. With brilliant tutorials and various levels of assistance, everyone can enjoy this latest rally game and enjoy a copious amount of things to do across some lush environments with top quality graphics.

Moto GP 17

  • 15 June
  • Score: Average of 70% on Metacritic

bike driving around course

If you’re looking for motorbike racing games on PS4 then there aren’t too many options, but Moto GP 17 should satisfy all your needs with all the tracks and bikes from the official Championship. Visually, the series is looking outdated, but there’s a brand new managerial mode in 2017 to get stuck into which should appease fans of the sport.

VR Karts

ps4 kart racer

This is the first ever virtual reality racing game for PS4 for PlayStation VR. It’s bright and colorful, just like most of the other popular kart racing games, though it lacks the charm of the likes of Mario Kart. Still, it’s fun and chaotic, and with your VR headset strapped on, it’s totally intense in virtual reality.

Micro Machines World Series

tabletop racing title

After a massive gap since the last game in the popular Micro Machines series, Codemasters has torn up the rule book, opting for a more multiplayer focused racing game that is full of nostalgia, but ultimately fails to deliver. Nevertheless, racing tiny cars around colorful and unique tracks can still be utterly addictive.

F1 2017

formula one racing game

Codemasters is back in the driving seat for another instalment of its Formula One simulation game. Based on the Formula 1 season, the racing game features ten teams, twenty drivers and twenty of the world’s most famous circuits. Surprisingly, this turned out to be one of the best PS4 racing games of 2017.

Project Cars 2

track sreenshot

Slightly Mad Studios is back with the sequel to its racing game which features nine disciplines and cars from different eras. The roster is massive with over 180 fully-licensed cars confirmed. The game features famous endurance racing championships from the past and present and will offer a ‘sandbox’ career mode.

Gran Turismo Sport

gt sport release

As the first racing game in the Gran Turismo series to release for PS4 there’s a lot of anticipation surrounding GT Sport. The level of detail of the cars and tracks in the trailers is insane. Featuring offline and online racing, GT Sport features three games modes: campaign, sports and arcade. There’s also 177 cars, including Porsche for the first time in the series and 19 locations.

Need for Speed Payback

need for speed 2017

Ghost Games and EA are back for the latest entry in the arcade racing series, Need for Speed. Need for Speed Payback features a cinematic storyline to make it feel movie-like and the focus is on all-out action as you choose between three playable characters with different skills to whizz around Fortune Valley to take down a cartel.

So, that’s all the best PS4 racing games in 2017, and we’re sure you’ll agree there’s something for everyone!

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