Bethesda provides workarounds for Skyrim PS3 issues

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim developer, Bethesda Softworks, has offered some handy workarounds to help alleiviate the issues players have experienced while playing the action RPG, at least until an update can be issued.

The most prominent of these are the memory issues. Bethesda suggests keeping at least 2GB of hard disk space free, disabling the game’s autosave feature and waiting/resting in-game for up to 30 days. What this apparently does is help clear the effects of the game world from the players actions.

It’s not great from a roleplaying perspective (I mean, who seriously waits thirty days?) but it helps you so you can play.

The other suggested actions from Bethesda are using the safe mode on the PS3, but isn’t recommended.

Bethesda hopes to have these issues rectified in the next patch. Stay tuned.