Beyond: Two Souls divides opinion, but why does 2013’s most cinematic game disappoint?

With Quantic Dream at the helm we all knew that Beyond: Two Souls wasn’t going to be a run-of-the-mill action adventure, but it seems that many weren’t prepared for such a unique experience after David Cage’s interactive adventure received a rather mild score of 72 percent on Metacritic.

The following list of review scores shows just how opinions have differed with scores ranging from 9.5/10 to 3/10.

While it’s certainly true that Beyond doesn’t offer the same gameplay thrills as The Last Of Us or the same frenetic pace of a Call of Duty gunfight, it’s not meant to. Beyond is more than just a traditional game, it’s a movie-like experience that looks incredible and tells a story unlike any game before it.

Sony has also responded to the criticism with SCEA Associate Product Marketing Manager Derek Osgood saying that:

Many reviewers (both positive and negative) cited the difficulty in attributing a score to the game because it’s such a unique and different experience. Comparing the game to “traditional” gaming experiences is just a difficult comparison to make. I do encourage you guys to try the demo, talk to your friends who have played the game, and read the reviews in full when you’re making your decisions.

We couldn’t agree more. If people are put off trying Beyond: Two Souls because of criticisms that it didn’t live up to expectations or it didn’t offer enough in terms of ‘traditional gaming,’ then it would be a real travesty. Are we so brainwashed with regurgitated ideas and familiar experiences that we can’t entertain a game that offers something so different to the norm?

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