Beyond: Two Souls on PS4 runs at solid 30fps, improves upon PS3 original in every way

A report on Digital Foundry has claimed that the PlayStation 4 version of Beyond: Two Souls offers a huge improvement over its PS3 counterpart, with a solid performance of 30fps among other enhancements.

The site notes that the game’s higher resolution offers the "sharpness of a full 1080p image; less shimmer on high contrast textures, and reduced pixel crawl." In addition, lighting and shadows have also enjoyed a significant overhaul, although the main highlight is the improvements to the game’s frame-rate, which was choppy at best in the original release.

On PS4, the game runs at a solid 30fps, which will no doubt please owners of the original PS3 version, which experienced noticeable drops and stuttered often during key moments. Check out one of Digital Foundry’s reports below.

Developed by Quantic Dream, Beyond: Two Souls was released on the PS3 in October 2013, and stars Hollywood heavyweights Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe. Unlike Heavy Rain, the game introduces some supernatural elements into the mix, as players control Jodie Holmes (Page) as she comes to term with her psychic powers and the mysterious entity known as Aiden that accompanies her throughout her journey. 

The game received mixed reviews from critics although proved a commercial success for Sony, selling one million copies worldwide by the end of 2013. Beyond: Two Souls was made on a budget of $27 million, slightly more expensive than 2010’s Heavy Rain, although the figure does not include $18 million spent on marketing and distribution. Heavy Rain is also coming to the PS4 in March 2016, and those who purchased Beyond will receive a discount on the Quantic Dream thriller when it arrives digitally via the PlayStation Store next year.

Quantic Dream is currently working on its next full project for the PS4, titled Detroit. The game is based off the Kara tech demo released in 2012, and was officially announced during Sony’s press conference at Paris Games Week last month.