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Biomutant Gameplay And Previews Reveal It’s Looking Better Than Ever

Biomutant has been a long time coming, but now that we’re getting closer to the game’s release date, a fresh batch of gameplay clips and previews have come to light, giving us a much better idea of how it’s shaping up.

First off, you can feast your eyes on some new Biomutant gameplay, including details on the character customisation features and more.

A number of written previews have also come up, and we’ve collected some quotes below for you to digest. First up, Liam Croft of Push Square got some eyes-on with new footage of Biomutant, and came away with the following impressions:

The character creator is just one example of how player choice is at the heart of Biomutant, with others sources from the narrative itself. Art and creative director Stefan Ljungqvist remained a bit vague during the online presentation, but the story will seemingly be influenced by your own decisions.

In practical terms, this manifests itself with an Aura system in the game that Ljungqvist assures is more expansive and detailed than a Paragon and Renegade system you would see in other RPGs such as Mass Effect. We’re excited to see just how different any two playthroughs could be.

Meanwhile, PCGamesN’s Dustin Bailey highlighted the various characters you’ll meet in the game, and how they are represented via single voice.

You’ll meet plenty of characters throughout the game, but you won’t be able to understand them as they speak in an alien language. Instead they’re mostly represented by a single voice – a pleasant narrator who describes everything from a detached, omniscient perspective.

So if someone needs something fetched, you’ll hear the narrator say “he explains how he lost his beloved teddy bear in the woods” or something similar. The narrator also chimes in every now and again as you’re playing, Bastion-style, though based on our brief look this isn’t frequent enough to get annoying.

Biomutant is finally unleashed on May 25, 2021 for PS4, PC and Xbox One. Be sure to check out one of the more recent trailers in action here.

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