Bioware talks Jade Empire 2 and new Dragon Age game

jade empire 2

The Creative Director of Dragon Age, Mike Laidlaw, appears to have confirmed that a new Dragon Age game is in the works.

Speaking on The 1099 podcast, the interesting stuff begins from the 57-minute mark when the host, Josiah Renaudin, asks Laidlaw about another of Bioware’s franchises, Jade Empire.

It materializes that Bioware had plans for Jade Empire 2, but they were essentially put on hold to work on the Dragon Age franchise.

“We certainly had plans for a Dragon Age 2, which I can’t talk about, but it existed,” says Laidlaw. “Jade Empire 2 was talked about. It was certainly considered. I think it’s still possible there could be a Jade 2.”

However, he then goes on to say that the focus of Bioware right now is on the Dragon Age series, and most of the team that worked on Jade Empire are fully-invested in that. Indeed, he then goes on to reveal that there may be a new Dragon Age game in the works.

“It’s no secret we’re doing something with Dragon Age,” says Laidlaw. “I can’t talk about what but we’re certainly involved in something.”

That’s really all the information we get, but we’re incredible excited that something new Dragon Age-related is coming after the wonderful Dragon Age Inquisition, and we’re certainly holding onto his soundbite about Jade Empire 2 – can you imagine how glorious that would look on PS4 Pro?