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Black Desert Update 2.49 Unleashes Support For Arena Of Solare First Season, Character Changes & Bug Fixes

Pearl Abyss has lifted the wraps off the full list of Black Desert update 2.49 patch notes for your viewing pleasure, which comes with a host of new content. Chiefly, players can now access the first regular season of Arena of Solare, and there’s also a bunch of character changes and bug fixes.

Read up on the latest Black Desert patch notes below.

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Arena of Solare’s First Regular Season

On August 17th, Arena of Solare regular season begins for all regions. Thank you again to the Adventurers who showed great interest and appreciation during the preseason period.

There are three significant changes for the regular season.

First, a practice mode will be added. The practice mode does not affect your rank and is purely for the purpose of ‘practice’. (Although not displayed, there is a separate MMR for practice mode as well to ensure fair matches.) Many people regretted not being able to experience anything other than ranked in the preseason, but we hope this practice mode will help our Adventurers on their journey to ascend the tiers. However, please note that the practice mode is only open during the times where the ranked mode is not available.

※ Practice mode is currently only available to be queued up individually. While we did develop this content with party queues in mind, we felt that we needed further testing before we could release this feature for the live servers.

Next is the gameplay. Firstly, the gear balance will be configured the same as in the preseason. There were opinions that it would be better to have a bit more AP, but since it is the first season, we decided to keep the current version so that more people can enjoy it. (Of course, please note that we will continue to add changes to the gear as the seasons go on.) In addition, new battlefields have been added. Manshaum Forest, Jade Starlight Forest, and Cadry Ruins join the existing Tzol’s Ruins and Olun’s Valley making 5 battlefields in total that you can enjoy for this season. Manshaum Forest is expected to offer a new experience with its verdure background, and Jade Starlight Forest will be somewhere that can provide the feeling of field combat.

The last is the UI features. The rank page has been subdivided so that you can check whether players are in Succession or Awakening, and it has been improved to show the character with the highest play rate within a Family, not the last character played. In addition, the ability to check the information of other Adventurers in the rank window has been added, allowing you to check all character information, equipment (including crystals), and skill Add-ons. Some Adventurers said they were reluctant to disclose information, but as Arena of Solare introduced an ‘equalized gear system’ for the first time in Black Desert, we believe it will serve as an opportunity for more people to enter PvP, so we ask for your understanding. In addition, the rank window has been improved so that you can check the rank ‘by class’ as well.

And although it will not be implemented on August 17th, we are preparing a system in which MVP and ACE are determined by adding not only damage but also how many crowd-control effects have been inflicted (I.e. knockdown, stun, etc.) which we believe is one of the more important indicators to be considered along with a function in which you can join Practice Mode in a party.

We will continue to do our best to work on the other features of Arena of Solare so that we can provide the most enjoyable experience to our Adventurers.

● The new season of Arena of Solare is now live! The following changes have been applied.


New battlefields have been added – “Manshaum Forest,” “Jade Starlight Forest,” and “Cadry Ruins.”Manshaum Forest

– Flora’s Breath will appear within the woods for each round.

Cadry Ruins

– Fire’s Warmth will arise from the brazier every so often, and a damage-dealing object will spawn in a random location around the center.

Jade Starlight Forest

Practice Mode

● Added Practice Mode.

– Practice Mode is for playing in the Arena of Solare without having your match outcome affect your current rank.

– Practice Mode Match will be available when Ranked Matches are unavailable.

– Your opponent’s defensive icons will be displayed for Practice Mode. (Hidden for Ranked Matches.)

* You will be able to queue up for Practice Mode in a party in a future update.

Ranked Match

● Improved the Ranked Match as follows:

– Only up to 2 players of the same class will be matched in the same team.

– Bonus points for consecutive wins have been adjusted, along with the win conditions.

– Added an alert to display when you can queue up for Ranked Matches.

– This is the schedule when you can queue up for Arena of Solare Regular Season Matches:

North America (PDT)


Europe (UTC)


Arena of Solare Rankings/Records
● Improved the Arena of Solare rankings and records UI.
– You can now view detailed information of other Adventurers.
* Click the magnifying glass icon to view details on other Adventurers.
* You can now see whether an Adventurer plays as Awakening or Succession, their Skill Add-ons, and their current gear setup.
– Added the function to now view rankings by class.
* You can choose to view the top 20 ranked Adventurers by class by selecting “Class” in the top right corner of the ranking UI.

● Improved to now display clearly when an Adventurer obtains a “traces of elements” buff.

– This buff effect will be visible by all Adventurers, allies and foes alike.

TOP 1 Rewards by Class

● Adventurers ranked 1st in their class will be given the honor of having their character’s likeness displayed as a “commemorative NPC” in the Battle Arena.

TOP 100 Rewards

● The following rewards will be given to Adventurers ranked from 1st – 100th place when the Arena of Solare Regular Season is over.

– Details pertaining to this reward will be announced later via notice.

Honorary Outfit

– You will obtain an honorary outfit suitable to your class (permanent and character-bound).

“Solare” Title

– You will be able to use the “Solare” title until the end of the next Arena of Solare season.

– Equipping the “Solare” title will display a visual effect for your character.

Seal of Solare

● You can obtain 2 Seals of Solare for every ranked victory, and 1 seal per ranked loss.

– Exclusive gear and crystals in Arena of Solare can be unlocked with Seals of Solare.

* Weapon: Requires 5 Seals of Solare

* Crystal: Requires 2-3 Seals of Solare

* Accessory: Requires 2-3 Seals of Solare

* Alchemy Stone: Requires 5 Seals of Solare

Increased Max Level & New Skill for Fairies

We’re increasing the max level of your fairy and adding an additional quality-of-life improving skill, “Continuous Care.”

Continuous Care can be learned by a Radiant Fairy, who will be able to automatically consume from 5 to 20 different food, draught, elixir, perfume, and scroll items. Your fairy will be able to save 3 presets with this skill, so Adventurers will be able to have separate presets for PvE, PvP, and Life Skills, if so desired. Like Agris Fever, this skill can be easily toggled on/off, so you can turn it off if you don’t need your fairy to automatically feed you the items you selected.

Some of your fairy’s “unpopular” skills now have a reduced chance to be learned with the addition of Continuous Care, while other more “popular” skills, such as Miraculous Cheer V and Feathery Steps V retain their previous odds of being learned. At the same, we designed Continuous Care so that Adventurers won’t feel pressured to attain the V rank version of the skill.

Under the “Continuous Care” of your fairy, we hope that you enjoy this quality-of-life improvement in Black Desert.

● Increased the fairy’s max level from 40 to 50.
– Once you reach Lv. 50 with your fairy, she will gain one additional skill slot.
* When your fairy reached Lv. 50, she will be able to learn an additional skill according to a set probability.

● Added the “Continuous Care” skill, which can be learned by a “Radiant” Fairy.

Skill Name Skill Effect

Continuous Care I Auto-use 5 items

Continuous Care II Auto-use 8 items

Continuous Care III Auto-use 12 items

Continuous Care IV Auto-use 16 items

Continuous Care V Auto-use 20 items

– A Radiant Fairy can learn Continuous Care from Lv. 10.
– Once your fairy learns Continuous Care, the “Auto-use Settings” button will appear in the fairy UI.
– You can use this function to designate certain items to be automatically consumed when they’re not in use.
– The following items can be designated for auto-use. The skill rank of Continuous Care will determine the amount of items you can designate at any given moment.

Types of Items Notes

Cron Meals / Food Automatically consumes selected food items.

Draughts / Elixirs Automaticlly consumes selected draughts and elixirs.

* Only 1 type of draught at a time.

Perfumes Automatically consumes one type of selected perfume item.

Scrolls Automatically uses selected scroll.

* Selecting higher grades of a scroll will remove lower grade selections.

– List of Selectable Items


– You can easily save and change your Auto-use selections via the 3 preset buttons.

– You can find the Auto-use Food/Elixir and settings button in the top left-portion of the UI.

– LMB to open the Auto-use Settings UI, RMB to toggle the Auto-use Function ON or OFF.

* You can save your selections in presets for later use.

● Selecting different items with the same effect for auto-use will automatically consume the selected item even if the effects of the previous item are still active.

* ex) If the effects of “[Event] Beast’s Draught” are active, but you select “Beast’s Draught” and toggle “Auto-use” ON, your family will immediately use the selected “Beast Draught” even though the “[Event] Beast’s Draught” effects are still active.● Change the success rate of learning skills for Radiant Fairies.

– The success rate to learn Continuous Care differs based on your Radiant Fairy’s current set of learned skills. You can check your fairy’s actual chance to learn skills from the in-game fairy UI.



New Additions and Improvements


● Shield Throw (I to Absolute)

– Fixed the issue where using the skill on cooldown wouldn’t consume SP.


● Breath of Aal, Prime: Chosen Blade, Prime: Descent

– Improved so that the summoned sandstorm moves to the location of the targeted enemy when using Haladie Throw.



● Icy Fog

– Fixed the issue of the Thornwood Guards not spawning when comboing into other skills in Succession.

– Fixed the issue where you wouldn’t maintain guard during the skill in Succession.

● Changed the Thornwood Guards to no longer automatically attack any monsters who approach Nova in Succession.


● Pirate’s Life For Me

– Improved to now redirect your Slippery Scallywags to fire in the same direction as Corsair.

● Light ‘Em Up, No Mercy, Scallywags!, Cap’n’s Orders: Open Fire! I

– Improved the Cannoneer Duo to attack closer to Corsair if they’ve waddled off a bit too far.


● Flow: Obliterate

– Increased attack 2’s area of attack

– Improved to combo more smoothly into Storm Maul and Hexeblood: Tectonic Slam from attack 2.

Core: Aerial Burst

– Fixed the issue where the skill didn’t combo smoothly as the normal version.● Fixed the issue where your trion disappeared if you attempted auto-navigation or other functions with your cloak hidden.


● Added a function in which a 300 min buff can be obtained by exchanging Silver with an NPC.
– Added “(120 min)” text to Conversation where 120 min buff can be obtained.

Applied the following changes to Sand Castle Crasher Festival! event:
– Removed the “[Event]” brackets from items displayed in the exchange list of the Terrmian Sherbet Exchange NPCs.
– Fixed so The Birth of Paphrodite description matches the item description displayed in Thousand Years Masterpiece Auction House.

– All Transformation Scrolls can now be exchanged for regardless of whether you picked the Terrmian Otter or Papu camp via the relevant Crossroads quests.
※ You can exchange the scrolls for “[Event] Terrmian Special Coin” and “[Event] Blue Terrmian Coin.”
– You can now use the following Transformation Scrolls at designated locations in Terrmian Beach regardless of whether you picked the Terrmian Otter or Papu camp via the relevant Crossroads quests.
※ Papu: [Event] Fierce Pine Blader Transformation Scroll (green grade), [Event] Immortal Persimmon Knight Transformation Scroll, [Event] Chilled Chestnut Slinger Transformation Scroll, [Event] Fierce Pine Blader Transformation Scroll (blue grade)
※ Otter: [Event] Solitary Conch Blader Transformation Scroll (green grade), [Event] Resolute Crab Knight Transformation Scroll, [Event] Vehement Conch Boxer Transformation Scroll, [Event] Solitary Conch Blader Transformation Scroll (blue grade)
– Fixed the text for the “[Event] Otter Exchange: Gold Key” quest.
– Fixed “Dispatched Storage Keeper” Lenan so you can now use his “Transport” function to move items to other storages from Terrmian Beach.


● Improved crafting-related text in the Dark Red Fang Crystal – Valor and Armor item descriptions.

● Changed the item description regarding obtaining special gathering products for Empty Bottle items.

● Adjusted the Central Market price of the following items:
– Bracing Spirit Perfume Elixir: 3,750,000 Silver
– Ancient Power – Black Shard: 220,000,000 Silver
– Ancient Power – Red Shard: 300,000,000 Silver


● Fixed the issue of aggressive “Wild” Feather Wolves and “Wild” Phnyl not initiating attacks.
● Increased Starlit Jade’s Breath drop rate to 1.6 times when defeating Jade Starlight Forest monsters.
● Increased the number of Starlit Jade’s Breath dropped by the [Wanewinter Guardian] Erebjork from 1 to 3-4.
● Fixed the issue of the flying Seagulls and Eagles of the world of Black Desert hovering awkwardly in place.
● Fixed the issue where regular Saunil monsters would spawn at the [Elvia] Saunil Camp.
● Fixed the issue of hunting monsters appearing in abnormal locations in some areas.
● Fixed the issue of “Violent” Feather Wolves spawning abnormally in a certain locations.

Quest & Knowledge

● Improved the “Allan’s Gift” quest to now offer navigation guides for all quest objective targets.

● Fixed the issue where only the final objective of a quest with several objectives would display in the quest notification alert.

Node & Conquest War

● Fixed so you can no longer move to the Character Select screen after entering the Battle Arena on a Node/Conquest War server.
● Fixed the text that displays the conclusion of a Conquest War to read more naturally.


● Improved the World Map (M) Snapshot function to now save zoomed-in settings with the Alt + Number Key as well.
● Improved so the scroll button doesn’t become too small when using the Find My Item function.
● Changed so you can only select via mouse when selecting ‘Collect All Rewards’ to avoid accidentally receiving all the items from the Black Spirit’s gift box.
● Improved so that, upon creating a new character, classes are displayed in different colors depending on the number you have under your Family name at the class selection screen.
● Improved so that upon creating and entering the character list screen, the scroll moves to the new character.
● Changed so that class-specific resource UIs are always turned on.
● Fixed the issue where information would not be saved upon moving the Marni Wave UI.
● Fixed the issue where you couldn’t use the “Change Character” button while viewing other characters’ equipment/inventory for gamepad UI mode.
● Fixed the issue where the fairy UI key guide appeared awkwardly for gamepad UI mode.


● Fixed the issue of the navigation path routing awkwardly upon selecting a destination while at sea.
● Proceeded with optimization to prevent frame rate from decreasing upon defeating monsters in quests.
● Fixed the issue where you couldn’t change your fairy’s skills under certain circumstances.

Pearl Shop

● Improved the camera zoom when previewing Drakania’s awakening weapon (trion) in the Pearl Shop.


● Improved certain colors of the sign-up page UI in the mobile setting.
● Improved the Confirm/Cancel button UI within the pop-up window displayed in the Black Desert launcher.
● Fixed the issue where the size of the video area of the Adventurer’s Note post within the game appeared unnaturally.
● Improved the align the filter UI on the Official Website – Community (Forum).
● Changed the event banners on main page of the website.
● Loading the launcher will now display the info of the region where you’re logged in.
● Fixed the issue where you could not view the details of previously purchased packs from your pack usage history.
● Fixed the issue where the Terms and Conditions menu would appear at the top of the launcher on the official website.
● Changed and unified the following terms in German:
– Rostiger Anker Rostige Ankerkette

Changes & Fixes

● Fixed the issue where some parts of the dialogs didn’t appear after completing an item exchange with a NPC in certain situation.
● Fixed the issue where the Dead Moon Post region would not load properly in certain situations.
● Fixed the issue where your character would get stuck in certain areas in Biraghi Den.
● Fixed to prevent your character from getting stuck or moving to an abnormal location in certain areas in Gyfin Rhasia Temple.
● Fixed the issue where some plants were placed unnaturally in Navarn Steppe.
● Fixed the issue where you could not gather Everlasting Herbs in certain areas of Balenos Mountains.

● Fixed the issue with dying the [Musa] Goldscale Dragoon Helmet’s 2nd part.

[Source – Black Desert]