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Black Desert Update 2.52 Brings New Mythical Arduanatt Appearance & Fixes

Pearl Abyss has lifted the wraps off the Black Desert update 2.52 patch notes, which comes with a range of new features for the game, including a new Mythical Arduanatt appearance and numerous bug fixes. Read up on the latest Black Desert patch notes below.

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New Mythical Arduanatt Appearance

We’ve added a new appearance for the Mythical Arduanatt. We designed it around a “pure white” concept, and you need only purchase and feed the Quturan’s Fruit to your mythical steed to change its appearance. While we initially thought of a more arduous process to obtain this appearance, we felt that the process of awakening a Mythical Arduanatt was rigorous enough, so we felt it only fair to have a far simpler process when changing its appearance. We hope this new appearance only bolsters the experience of Adventurers who have already awakened a Mythical Arduanatt in their adventures.

We’re currently working on Mythical Doom, and while we initially thought of a horse with blue flames, we felt it somewhat unimpactful compared to the already released mythical counterparts, so… we felt that we had a bit more work to do to prepare for Mythical Doom’s explosive release. Thank you for your patience.

● Added Quturan’s Fruit to now be available for purchase through Francia, librarian of O’dyllita, who requested these through Helen Julia, the Ahib scholar on Krogdalo.
– Feed the Quturan’s Fruit to your stabled Mythical Arduanatt and it shall be reborn with a new appearance and all previous skills and stats intact.
– You can purchase the Quturan’s Fruit for 100 million Silver each via Franica in O’dyllita.
* You can change your Mythical Arduanatt’s basic appearance to the new appearance by using the Quturan’s Fruit.

Training Improvements

Krogdalo, King of the Celestial Horses, has granted his blessing upon the world of Black Desert, thus greatly improving the tiers and breeds of horses roaming in the wild.

You will no longer be able to tame Tier 1 to 5 Wild Horses as they’ve all been improved to Tiers 6 and 7, and these Tier 7 Wild Horses will also boast a special appearance that will make them easy to distinguish from other horses.

We’ve also added 4 types of Tier 8 horses. While retaining the same stats as pre-existing white and black breeds, since Tier 1 to 5 Wild Horse appearances are no longer available, we’ve made these types now available as Tier 8 horses so Adventurers may still have access to them.

Increased Chance of Higher Tiers from Breeding

● Increased the chance of birthing higher tiers of horses from breeding Tier 1 to 8 horses.

* The tiers and growth levels of the parent horses will affect the new horse birthed from breeding. The higher the parent horse levels (up to Lv. 30), the greater the chance of birthing a higher-tiered horse.

For example,

Breeding Lv. 30 Tier 6 stallion and mare now have increased chances to birth a Tier 7 or 8 horse.

Breeding Lv. 30 Tier 7 stallion and mare now have increased chances to birth a Tier 7 or 8 horse.

Breeding Lv. 30 Tier 8 stallion and mare now have an increased chance to birth a Tier 8 horse.

Tier 6 to 7 Wild Horse
● Changed the minimum and maximum tiers of Wild Horses in the world of Black Desert.

Krogdalo’s blessing has also been imparted to horse trainers as well. Now Adventurers will receive up to 75% increased Mount EXP (previously up to 40%) based on their Training Mastery. We’ve also increased the value of horses as well. Now Tier 1 to 8 horses will fetch slightly higher prices from Imperial Delivery and Horse Market.

Added Training Leap Quests

We’ve added new leap quests for Training. Similar to leap quests for other Life Skills, these require that you reach a certain Life Skill level to accept each quest, and they will grant a large amount of Training EXP upon completion. We’ve also added “Family leap quests” available once per Family once you’ve completed these quests, in the spirit of relishing in Krogdalo’s blessing. Complete these Family quests to obtain a skill change coupon, a Premium Horse Appearance Change Coupon, and other goodies to help you on your path to becoming the best Trainer.

● Added new Training leap quests.
– The following leap quests can be accepted and completed once per character.

Imperial Steed

● Added the Imperial Steed which can be birthed according to a set probability when breeding horses at the stable.
– “Imperial Steeds” have undergone a strict set of regulations imparted by the Stonetail Horse Club and are worthy of bearing the stature of the Imperial Court.
– Imperial Steed foals approved by the Stonetail Horse Club are born with the “Imperial Stature” skill already learned.
* The Imperial Steed cannot learn any other skill than “Imperial Stature.”
– The Imperial Steed cannot be exchanged, nor registered to be sold on the Horse or Breeding Markets.
– The Imperial Steed can be reared up to Lv. 15 for the sole purpose of Imperial Delivery.
– Deliver a well-grown Imperial Steed to the Imperial Court to obtain approx. 120 million Silver along with other rewards
– You can obtain all the following items as rewards.

– The higher the tiers and levels of the parent horses, the greater the chance to breed an Imperial Steed.

* Your parent horses’ levels will only increase your chances to birth an Imperial Steed up to Lv. 30. A parent horse at Lv. 31 has the same chance to birth an Imperial Steed as a parent horse at Lv. 30.

– Your Training Level and Mastery do not affect your chances to breed an Imperial Steed.

– You can only obtain an Imperial Steed through horse breeding. You cannot exchange horses to obtain an Imperial Steed.

– You cannot use Mount Brand Spell Stone, Mount Skill Change Coupon, Mount Skill Selection Coupon, Mount Skill Training Coupon, Mount All Skill Training Coupon, Horse Appearance Change Coupon, Premium Horse Appearance Change Coupon, Reset Mount Growth, or Mount Name Change Coupon on an Imperial Steed.

In order to help our Adventurers who gather in slightly more dangerous environments, we’ve added defensive stats to gatherer’s clothes similar to those of hunter’s clothes.

● Added Evasion, Damage Reduction, and DP stats to Loggia, Carta, and Manos Gatherer’s Clothes.
– These defensive stats are identical to those of Loggia, Robeau, and Manos Hunter’s Clothes.

Improved Obtainability of Life Gathering Materials and Byproducts

● Increased the probability of obtaining the 5 types of special materials by approximately 30% upon Lumbering.
– Bloody Tree Knot
– Red Tree Lump
– Spirit’s Leaf
– Monk’s Branch
– Old Tree Bark

● Changed the item you can obtain through Plant Breeding via Farming and defeating Moles as follows.

– Changed the description on how to obtain the items for Mutant Plant, Premature Fruit, Seed Half Eaten by a Bird, Plant with Rotting Roots, and Unusual Fruit with the above change.

– Collect 20 Blush Leaves and bring them to Camellia Loggia at Loggia Farm to exchange them for the following items:

Exchange Item

Select one from below

Byproduct Fertilizer x4

Special Pepper Seed x4

Stonetail Fodder x1

Contribution EXP x900 and Farming EXP x30

* You can now obtain Blush Leaves when Plant Breeding Haystacks and Chicken Feed.

● Doubled the number of fruit items obtained upon Plant Breeding Mysterious Seed crops.

● Added a crafting method that allows you to produce Trace of Hunting instead of Trace of Ascension when using Leather Glaze as the main ingredient.

– Crating Method: Clear Liquid Reagent x1 + Powder of Darkness x2 +Maple Sap x3 + Trace of Ascension x3 or Trace of Hunting x3.

Exchange Special Cooking Ingredients

● Improved so you can exchange the 4 types of special cooking ingredients below to the for Normal or High-Quality ingredients with the Seed Vendors in each city according to the proportions.


New Additions and Improvements

Class Changes

● Improved the Interaction function so you can now use it during the walking motion (toggled with Caps or Scroll Lock).



Moonlight Strike

– Fixed the issue where the Core version didn’t match the distance traveled by the skill’s normal version.



Tenacious Edge

– Fixed the issue where the item description was awkward.

Petal Swirl

– Fixed the issue where the item description was awkward.



Succession: Lament of Silence

– Added details regarding invoking and releasing certain jutsu in the skill description.

* [Succession: Kunai Throw] > [Ninjutsu: Ghost] (jutsu released)

* [Prime: Danse Macabre] or [Prime: Wheel of Wrath] > [Ninjutsu: Ghost], [Ninjutsu: Soul], and [Ninjutsu: Spirit] (jutsu released)



Way of Aal

– Fixed the issue where the buff effect would last even when switching out of combat stance.



Hexeblood: Tectonic Slam

– Fixed the issue where comboing into Piercing Spear from the normal version of the skill would occur awkwardly with the Core version learned.


● Applied the following improvements to Marni’s Realm.
– Increased the area of Marni’s Realm for Hystria Ruins by 1.2 times.
– Fixed the issue with the Recommended AP for Sycraia Underwater Ruins being displayed awkwardly.
– Fixed the issue where the UI for entering Marni’s Realm displayed awkwardly.

● Fixed the issue where your character wouldn’t move to the resurrection area after a round ended in the Arena of Solare.


● Changed the following Barter Lv. 1 Trade Goods to now require the same amount across all islands.
– Cotton Fabric, Flax Fabric
● Improved the [Event] Giovan Grolin’s Support Scroll and Secret Book of Florin to now be usable even when your character is moving.
● Added instructions on how to use the [Event] Izella’s Fishing Chair to its item description.
● Changed the Honorable Adventurer’s Certificate item description to display the appropriate conditions.
● Increased the max price of PEN (V) Izaro and Manos Riding Crops in the Central Market.
● Improved so the price of Loggia Riding Crop in Central Market matches other Loggia tools.
– Purchases and orders of this item have been canceled accordingly. Items that have been purchased or sold were sent to Central Market Storage.

Quest & Knowledge

● Added a Pet Tutorial that can be watched after completing a Family quest, “[Pet] Bartali’s Buster”.
– You can learn basic info about pets via this quest.

● Made the following improvements to Life Skill quests:
– Life Skill “Leap” quests can now be accepted regardless of your character’s level.
– Life Skill “Leap” quests can now be completed during the Mountain of Eternal Winter questline.
– Life Skill quest titles and level requirements in the quest summary now read more direct. (ex. Gathering Lv 40 Gathering Professional 10)

Node & Conquest War

● Improved so that Elephant injury can be recovered in Elephant Nursery during Node/Conquest Wars.
– But, it consumes guild fund when recovering from injury like before.

● Fixed the issue of the effect not showing when using Big Hwacha’s Rapid Barrage in a specific angle.
● Fixed the issue of not being able to properly claim Cannon, Indomitable Flag, and Medium/Large Siege Towers in certain situations during Node/Conquest Wars.

NPC, Background, Sound

● Changed Leyla to only tell season characters about season graduation.


● Improved so current usage of Contribution is shown in Contribution Info in My Information (P).
● Fixed so items in my Inventory cannot be moved during Enhancement.
● Added a highlight color to the stats in “Training” description of Life Info in My Information (P).
● Changed the background music when logging in the game.
● Added the quixel logo to show when the game is loading.
● Improved the in-game Adventurer’s Board to be easier to read.
● Fixed the location of Leave Party button in Party UI.


● Fixed to navigate to a better path for the following situations:
– When navigating to Loggia Farm 3-1
– When navigating to a different path from inside Coastal Cave
● Optimized game server delay issues.
● Fixed the issue of the navigation path shortening when setting an auto-loop navigation path with Navigation Path Settings on Smooth.
● Fixed the issue of the text box of an NPC conversation becoming bigger in certain situations.


● Fixed the issue of the launcher News being displayed abnormally in certain situations.

● Changed the profile image size.

● Added Find Black Desert Account before Pearl Abyss ID Intergration in Find Accounts within Login menu.

● Improved so that Black Desert Service list that can be played displays when selecting region of residence while in account sign-up, integration, entering additional information and others.

● Fixed the issue of not being able to login to Facebook in Black Desert+.

● Improved so the profile image showing in Forum displays more clearly.

● Improved so the notification shows when a file attachment limit for the post is over 10MB.

● Improved Community Post Fold/Show function within the in-game Adventurer’s Board working abnormally.

● Added a short description in Community Feedback.

● Improved the issue of the Black Spirit text overlapping with slide stop button.


● Changed and unified the following terms in English:

– [Life Skill Advancement Lv.] [Life Skill Leap Lv.]

– Prophesy Blade Prophecy Blade

Modified or Changed

● Changed the O’draxxia Fragrant Hexagonal Dining Table item name and description changed to O’draxxia Fragrant Octagonal Dining Table.
Fixed the issue where the Incarnation of Corruption would not appear even after Unstable Star Debris had been summoned during the Blackstar gear crafting questline.
● Fixed the issue of the grass showing awkwardkly in a certain location in Navarn Steppe.
● Fixed the issue of certain terrain in Olun’s Valley appearing awkward.
● Fixed the “Marni wave” name showing in the ESC menu, UI, quests and elsewhere, to “Marniwave”.
● Fixed the issue of Aerus not showing properly on the minimap near Camp Balacs of Mountain of Eternal Winter.
● Fixed the issue of the chat windows overlapping in certain situations when using preset function of Edit UI with Quick Hotkey.
● Fixed the issue where you could go outside the battlefield boundaries in Arena of Solare.
● Fixed so Node War Stat Limits UI shows the correct location in World Map (M).
● Fixed the issue of Point Information UI such as Level and HP not displaying in certain situations.
● Fixed the issue of Hostility Adventurer name not displaying in red when your character is Invincible.
● Fixed the issue of the pop menu closing when selecting horse in Stable.
● Fixed the issue of an unlearned skill displaying in Skill to Change list when trying to change Mount Skill in Manage Skill.
● Fixed the issue of the Fairy icon displaying incorrectly in Change Skill UI when changing Fairy skill.
● Fixed the issue of the character mouth displaying awkwardly when equipping [Archer] Nightwarden Helmet.
● Fixed the issue of the leg part poking out from the outfit in hills when equipping the following outfits:
– [Striker] WeDan Armor and [Striker] Blazing Inferno Armor
– [Musa] Wind Waker Armor and [Musa] Tundra Warden Armor
● Fixed the issue of redirecting to an invalid page when clicking on the guide menu after reaching Lv. 51.
● Fixed the issue of the monster being defeated abnormally in certain situations when fighting the Phantom Knight.
● Fixed the issue of being able to hit the opponent temporarily after all matches in Arena of Solare have ended.
● Fixed the issue of the Ecology Knowledge not refreshing immediately when deleting Knowledge.
● Fixed the issue of the boundary of Marni’s Realm appearing when using Pearl Shop and Skill Demo near it.
● Fixed the issue of the pop up that displaying when using certain functions closing when using Party UI in mini mode.
● Fixed the following for Gamepad UI mode:
– Fixed the issue of the World Map filter description extending beyond the bounds of the screen.
– Fixed the Black Spirit’s Safe key guide arrangement to display better.
– Fixed the issue of the UI closing when removing an item that was registered for Item Reform.
● Fixed the issue of some tooltips such as Login Reward and Horse Market Appearance Change icons not showing.