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Black Desert Update 2.54 Patch Notes Reveal Abyss One: The Magnus Quest, Class Changes & More

Pearl Abyss has opened up a loot box full of Black Desert update 2.54 patch notes for you to digest, which comes with a truckload of new content and changes, including a new quest (Abyss One: The Magnus) and various class changes.

Read up on the latest Black Desert patch notes below.

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Abyss One: The Magnus

  • Abyss One: The Magnus” has been revealed through rifts appearing throughout the world of Black Desert.

Main Questline

  • Added a main questline where you can explore the “Abyss One: The Magnus” story.
    • This quest can be accepted with a character that has completed the following quests: (Black Spirit (,) – Main Quest)
      • Complete “[Balenos] Farewell, Grusha,” “Embarking on an Adventure,” or “Big Fish in a Small Pond” from the Balenos main questline.
      • Complete “[Special Growth] Fughar’s Memorandum – Chapter 1” during the Simplified questline.
      • Complete “[Everfrost] Beyond the Doors of Alyaelli” from the Mountain of Eternal Winter main questline.
    • There are some parts of “Abyss One: The Magnus” that are available after completing the Serendia and Calpheon main questlines.

* “Abyss One: The Magnus” will be a much more enjoyable visual experience if played in Remastered mode.

A Powerful Aura…

After a long adventure in Balenos, you reunite with Eileen and Emma Bartali, with whom you haven’t spoken in awhile, in Velia. You chat with them for old times’ sake. Suddenly, you are drawn by a powerful aura of something within the rift.

Custodian of the Magnus

After speaking with the Black Spirit, you fall through a dark portal.

As you step into the world of the Magnus, you meet Wuju, the custodian of the Magnus.

Within the world of the Magnus, the birthplace of all creation, you begin investigating its abyssal anomalies with Wuju, the custodian of the Magnus. Whom will you befriend? Who is the mastermind behind the anomalies? All that and more will be revealed as you progress through the storyline.

* You cannot enter Abyss One: The Magnus for the following situations:


  • Within the world of the Magnus, there are “abyssal pockets,” each with their own spacetime.
    • Each of these abyssal pockets that branch off from the Magnus holds their own trials.
    • Proceed through the Abyss One main questline by entering each abyssal pocket and overcoming specific trials.

* You will automatically leave an abyssal pocket if you spend more than 1 hour inside.

* There is a 1-minute waiting time before you can re-attempt an abyssal pocket.

Exclusive Gear

  • In the world of Magnus, you will not use equipment from the Black Desert World, but rather equipment exclusive to Abyss One instead.

Main Questline Reward

  • You will obtain the following rewards upon completing the Abyss One: Magnus main questline:

1. PEN (V) Boss Gear

  • You’ll be able to choose one boss defense gear enhanced to the maximum enhancement level of PEN (V) (once per Family).
    • This is identical to the guaranteed PEN (V) boss gear you can obtain through the questline with Jetina, and thus cannot be registered on the Central Market.
    • For the helmet and armor pieces, if you enhance it past Caphras Lv. 10, you’ll be able to craft it into one of the Slumbering Origin Armor pieces (Fallen God’s Armor, Labreska’s Helmet), which then can be registered on the Central Market.

2. Fast Travel to Major Cities through the Magnus

  • You can utilize the Magnus structure, spread out all over the world of Black Desert, to travel between major cities.
    • You can find abyssal wells that are connected to the Magnus on the World Map (M).
    • However, if your locations for entering and leaving the Magnus differ, a certain amount of silver is consumed depending on the distance.
      • ex1) Bartali Farm in Balenos Serendia Eastern Border: 1,000,000 Silver
      • ex2) Grána Dirt Farm in Kamasylvia Fohalam Farm in Valencia: 14,800,000 Silver

3. Remote Access to Other Regions’ Storage

  • Due to certain major cities now being connected through the Magnus, you can now move and store items to storage in other regions.
    • You can move and store items from your inventory to storage in different regions through the storage keeper NPC as you proceed with the main questline.

You can also move and store items from your inventory to storage in different regions through a storage maid as you proceed with the main questline.

  • The feature is only available in regions revealed on the map. (Not available in Muiquun and Port Ratt.)
  • You cannot store/remove trade/bartering goods, treasure items, and Ornette’s/Odore’s Spirit Essence (including lesser versions) via this function.

4. New Skills for All Classes – Abyssal Legacy

  • Once you completed the main questline along with all the following quests, you’ll be able to receive a new revelation from the Magnus, thus allowing you to claim a new skill.
    • Family Quest: [The Magnus] Box from the Abyss [The Magnus] Abyssal Legacy [The Magnus] Revelations
    • Proceed with “[The Magnus] Revelations” quest available once per character

* Upon completing [The Magnus] Revelations quest, all characters in your Family shall be able to proceed with “[The Magnus] Abyssal Revelation” quest to learn their new skill, respectively.

  • Upon completing “[The Magnus] Abyssal Revelation,” you’ll obtain [Secret Book] Abyssal Legacy x1 and [Event] Armstrong’s Skill Guide (1 Day) x1.
    • If you lose the secret book item, as long as your character has completed “[The Magnus] Revelations” quest, you can get another one by talking to Cruhorn Wyrmsbane.

  • Once you use the secret book and learn the new skill, it will replace the skill commands of one Absolute skill in your character’s arsenal.
    • You can still add and use the replaced Absolute skill via Quick Slot.

Opening of the Abyssal Veins

  • As you progress through the story of the Abyss One: The Magnus main questline, you’ll be able to obtain the following items (once per Family).
    • Each time you learn the “Abyssal Veins” knowledge of each region, you’ll be able to accept the quest to claim the following rewards by talking to the Black Spirit (/).
    • Complete the quest objectives in the Magnus, then return to our world in Black Desert to talk to a traveler and claim the following rewards.

Obtainable Titles

  • Proceed with the Magnus main questline to obtain the following titles.


New Additions and Improvements

Class Changes


  • Added new “Abyssal Legacy” skills for each class.
    • Complete the Abyss One: The Magnus main questline, then use the “[Secret Book] Abyssal Legacy” item to learn a new skill.
      • How to Obtain the Secret Book: Complete the quests [The Magnus] Box from the Abyss [The Magnus] Abyssal Legacy [The Magnus] Revelations, then proceed and complete the quest “[The Magnus] Abyssal Revelation” once per character
      • Once you complete “[The Magnus] Box from the Abyss” quest, all characters in your Family will be able to accept and complete [The Magnus] Abyssal Legacy quest to learn their new skills, respectively.
  • Changed the conditions of the alert that displays when you will be reminded that you have excess skill points to learn new skills.
    • Have at least 16 excess skill points From Lv. 56, have at least 16 excess skill points.
    • The alert will still be displayed if the number of excess skill points matches the total number of your skill points.


Added Warrior’s new Abyssal Legacy skill which is “Severing Thrust”. It has been made to be a very simple and fast stab after knocking up enemies with your shield. Applying Floating and Air Attack debuffs on hits, “Severing Thrust” is best utilized in Air Attack combos after linking with skills like Counter.

Abyssal Legacy

Severing Thrust

  • Added “Severing Thrust”, an Abyssal Legacy skill.


Ranger’s new Abyssal Legacy skill is “Binding Arrow.” What’s different from before is that the arrow flows through the ground, and on hits, it sets off an explosion that applies additional vine damage to enemies. This skill also allows you to apply Floating and Air Attack. If you follow up the skill by comboing into Penetrating Wind or Bypassing Wind, it can turn into a significantly fierce and powerful Air Attack combo.

Abyssal Legacy

Binding Arrow

Added “Binding Arrow”, an Abyssal Legacy skill.


Sorceress possesses many appealing skills. However, she lacked skills that inflicted damage while maintaining Super Armor. The addition of “Dark Tendrils,” should relieve those frustrations. “Dark Tendrils” requires a bit of casting time, but being able to stay in Super Armor is a key feature. The additional HP Recovery effect was added with the intent for the skill to be utilized for defeating monsters as well.

Abyssal Legacy

Dark Tendrils

Added “Dark Tendrils”, an Abyssal Legacy skill.


Looking at a Berserker, you know its a class that “never retreats!” It is your typical in-fighter class that continuously drives in his punches. Therefore, we contemplated long and hard about what to make his Abyssal Legacy skill. We needed to contemplate, as it was going to be a skill where he steps back. In the end, we decided to add the skill “Time to Rock”. He uses this skill to leap back (without collision), then as soon as he lands, rushes forward to deal rocking damage. The forward attack was set to deal the same amount of damage as the backward leap. This will be a handy skill to have as it allows you to move you character and switch camera angles by moving back and forward.

Abyssal Legacy

Time to Rock

Added “Time to Rock”, an Abyssal Legacy skill.


Tamer’s new skill is called “Dark Gaoler.” You charge energy in your fists then release it forward. You can also release it quicker by canceling the skill. The key aspect of the power-charging motion is that it functions by sweeping away all enemy attacks, thus allowing a duration where Invincibility is applied. In other words, the charging motion puts you in an Invincible state. So you can decide to drag out or cancel the skill to fit the situation. Also, even if it’s not Throat-Burn, you can still utilize the Down Smash.

Abyssal Legacy

Dark Gaoler

Added “Dark Gaoler”, an Abyssal Legacy skill.


As previously shown in Heidel Ball, Musa will receive a skill called “Mountain Divide”. Musa charges energy in his blade and slams the ground in front with great force. Since Forward Guard is applied, it also can be used to defeat monsters. In addition, the animations of awesome swordsmanship unique to Musa displaying such destructive power are one of the attractive points of this skill.

Abyssal Legacy

Mountain Divide

Added “Mountain Divide”, an Abyssal Legacy skill.


The Maehwa will receive a skill called “Razorblade Corolla”. Whereas Musa displayed his destructive power, Maehwa’s skill is more graceful and beautiful, which was what we had in mind when creating it. In the case of Maehwa, many of her skills grant Super Armor, but “Razorblade Corolla” grants Forward Guard, allowing it to be used in various ways.

Abyssal Legacy

Razorblade Corolla

Added “Razorblade Corolla”, an Abyssal Legacy skill.

Main Weapon

Stub Arrow: Evasive Shot

  • Fixed the issue for when 3 shots were loaded for Stub Arrow and the skill Stub Arrow: Evasive Shot didn’t activate in awakening form.


To allow Valkyrie to apply Knockdown in various situations, except for Sharp Light, we’ve added a new Knockdown skill called “Gladius Gloriae”. Since it has a wide area of effect and inflicts relatively good damage, we think that it can be used as a main skill when defeating monsters. In addition, as mentioned previously, because the Knockdown is applied over a wide range, it can be used actively in a variety of situations such as PvP.

Abyssal Legacy

Gladius Gloriae

Added “Gladius Gloriae”, an Abyssal Legacy skill.

Main Weapon

Prime: Judgment of Light I to III

Adjusted the amount of SP consumed to the following:

(I to III): Consume 110/100/90 SP Consume 75 SP at all levels


We also added an assassination skill for the Kunoichi. The skill is called “Hidden Dagger Jutsu”. Kunoichi throws a shadow kunai forward and stuns the enemy. It’s a ranged skill to harass enemies. The thing that makes this skill quite intimidating is that the skill can be used to keep enemies at bay, but a certain command input will have your Kunoichi perform a Ninjutsu skill where your Kunoichi teleports instantly to where she threw her kunai. Since you move behind the target, it can be used to perform a strike or for mobility depending on the situation.

Abyssal Legacy

Hidden Dagger Jutsu

Added “Hidden Dagger Jutsu”, an Abyssal Legacy skill.


We added a skill called “Covert: Cut Throat” for the Ninja. The skill animation was created to have Ninja suddenly spin and move behind a designated target. The skill animation is short and quick, which means its strength is that it can be linked quickly with other skills. Since you can immediately move behind enemies, you can use it to initiate back attacks as well, depending on the flow of battle.

Abyssal Legacy

Covert: Cut Throat

Added “Covert: Cut Throat”, an Abyssal Legacy skill.


The Wizard’s new skill is called “Rain of Fire”. The Wizard conjures a powerful fiery attack to descend, which can be used against enemies at close-range. In addition, the forward guard effect is applied during the casting and attack motion. Meaning, it can be used safely immediately after canceling a skill.

Abyssal Legacy

Rain of Fire

Added “Rain of Fire”, an Abyssal Legacy skill.


The Witch will also get a skill that can inflict powerful damage to nearby enemies. The skill is called ”Earthen Eruption” and as its name implies, magical energy is brought up to the earth’s surface which inflicts damage to nearby enemies. The skill has a long casting animation, but grants super armor, making it quite versatile. It also increases All DP and recovers up to 3,000 stamina. When it is used together with Magic Shield, it grants synergy that allows it to be utilized in various situations.

Abyssal Legacy

Earthen Eruption

Added “Earthen Eruption”, an Abyssal Legacy skill.

Dark Knight

“Blooming Black Rose” causes dark energy to be released in the surrounding area and black roses bloom that inflicts damage. After using Shadow Bullet and Shadow Strike, it can be used as a ranged combo or on the second hit since it can be canceled, after using Wheel of Fortune, Obsidian Blaze, and Unveiled Fate it can be connected as a melee attack.

Abyssal Legacy

Blooming Black Rose

Added “Blooming Black Rose”, an Abyssal Legacy skill.


The charging energy motion can be canceled, but when releasing it after charging energy, you can deal more damage over a wider area. Except for Sweeping Strike, the Striker needed to connect a preceding skill in order to perform a knockdown. Now that “Heart and Soul” grants super armor and applies knockdown, it can be used in various situations.

Abyssal Legacy

Heart and Soul

Added “Heart and Soul”, an Abyssal Legacy skill.


The “Hurricane Kick” animation will show the Mystic move forward for a powerful roundhouse kick. It can be used safely thanks to forward guard being applied, and due to its ease of compatibility it can also be used in combination with other kicking skills.

Abyssal Legacy

Hurricane Kick

Added “Hurricane Kick”, an Abyssal Legacy skill


Lahn’s new Abyssal Legacy skill is “Fatal Attraction”. The skill involves elegant movement, like an alluring dance, as you move backward to attack. She swings her Crescent Pendulum in this motion and applies damage while maintaining Forward Guard. We hope that this skill can be used in an efficient way while defeating monsters.

Abyssal Legacy

Fatal Attraction

Added “Fatal Attraction”, an Abyssal Legacy skill.


Archer’s new Abyssal Legacy skill is “Double Tap.” Use your crossbow to fire arrows and knock back enemies as you transition into your greatbow to apply damage. Knockdown is applied upon firing arrows after transitioning to your greatbow. The skill was designed around the idea of enhance its damage at a distance. Additionally, upon successfully hitting a target, the damage of the following arrow so if used in the right situation, it can be utilized to be even more powerful becomes even stronger. .

Abyssal Legacy

Double Tap

Added “Double Tap”, an Abyssal Legacy skill.


Shai will have a support skill called “Stick to Me!” While using the skill, you can maintain Super Armor while inflicting damage on enemies within range, and granting HP Recovery and DP buff effects for team members. We hope that Shai can shine as a stronger support character through the addition of this skill.

Abyssal Legacy

Stick to Me!

Added “Stick to Me!”, an Abyssal Legacy skill.


For Guardian, we decided to take a completely different approach to her skills. The skill’s name, first of all, is called “Gate Crasher.” Guardian throws an ax forward to deal damage, then when the ax returns, applies damage once more. The returning ax can apply back attack damage and because it can be used fairly quickly, it can be used in combo with other skills. With that, we hope that it becomes a vital skill.

Abyssal Legacy

Gate Crasher

Added “Gate Crasher”, an Abyssal Legacy skill.


Hashashin’s new skill is called “Aal’s Command.” Using his Haladie, Hashashin casts a cyclone of sand then sends it forward to apply damage. It can be used safely as the Forward Guard range has been factored in and when you make the last hit, Air Attack and Down Attack are also applied, creating an even more damaging effect. And when using this skill, the sandstorms created by Aal’s Breath and such, gather forward, making it a fully utilizable skill to defeat monsters as well.

Abyssal Legacy

Aal’s Command

Added “Aal’s Command”, an Abyssal Legacy skill.


“Queen’s Gambit” gives Super Armor and slams enemies with the morning star. It was especially difficult for Nova to defeat enemies that would latch on to her. What makes this skill special is that it applies damage on those who have latched onto Nova.

Abyssal Legacy

Queen’s Gambit

Added “Queen’s Gambit”, an Abyssal Legacy skill.


En Garde

Fixed the issue where the effect of the skill was not applied when switching to accel using Accel: Swooping Ring after certain actions.


Sage’s new skill is “Dimensional Compression” as shown previously in Heidel Ball. Although the casting duration of the skill is long, Super Armor is granted during this time and upon successful casting, all hits deal significant damage. Especially in Succession, even without comboing into Rift Chain, the defensive effects of Super Armor can be used at all times, allowing it to be a vital skill.

Abyssal Legacy

Dimensional Compression

Added “Dimensional Compression”, an Abyssal Legacy skill.


The “Vigor Rush” skill involves a simple movement that swings the Sereneca forward. Although the motion is simple, its damage isn’t meager. And while maintaining the motion, defensive effects are also maintained, so the skill can be used with confidence. Additionally, you can cancel motions moving forward, allowing you to quickly attack to fit the situation with this skill.

Abyssal Legacy

Vigor Rush

Added “Vigor Rush”, an Abyssal Legacy skill.


Drakania’s Abyssal Legacy skill is “Brimbolt Annihilation.” Drakania swings her Slayer forward and performs an additional hit after making a full turn. In order to perform Drakania’s combos quickly, you had to use Abyssal Fang, Embers, and other things, and there was a moment where defensive effects were not granted in between. However, due to Brimbolt Annihilation having defensive effects and having incorporated simple movements, it can be utilized to maintain defensive effects for a longer duration and can be used as a new combo.

Abyssal Legacy

Brimbolt Annihilation

Added “Brimbolt Annihilation”, an Abyssal Legacy skill.


  • The Total Likes per Chat Group are scheduled to be reset during today’s maintenance.
    • Temporary titles (90 Days) have been awarded to Adventurers who own either gold, silver, or bronze Black Spirit icons.
    • Temporary titles (90 Days) have also been awarded to Adventurers who own either gold, silver, or bronze Black Spirit icons in any of the 24 Hall of Adventurers Chat Groups.
    • All titles awarded for chat group rankings on July 20, 2021 (Wed) will be deleted during October 19, 2022 (Wed) maintenance.
  • Improved so that the following two items can be used to compete
    • Artisan’s Stuffed Grass Rhino Head
    • Artisan’s Special Stuffed Grass Rhino Head

  • Changed certain objectives in the Halloween Adventure Log:
    • Chapter 1, The Tale of Two Queens: Hand over Isabella’s Note to Gueldia (Defeat Isabella that appears at Costa Farm)
    • Chapter 2, Tears Behind the Pumpkin Mask: Defeat 5 Mischievous Jacks (same as before)
    • Chapter 3, Rumors About the Obsidian Specter: Defeat Spook (Appears together with the event world boss Isabella)
    • Chapter 4, Sweet Candies to Warm Your Heart: Give 5 Halloween Pumpkin Candies to Techthon (Obtainable by defeating the Pumpkin Ghosts that appear with the event world boss Isabella)
    • Chapter 5, The Star that Never Shines: Give Magical Shard x20 to Gueldia (same as before)

* Halloween Adventure Log and event world boss Isabella will be available after Oct 26, 2022 (Wed) maintenance.


  • Added so Weapon Exchange Coupon Exchange Quest can be done with Dehkima: Token of the Oath x1000 from NPC Sahin in Valencia City.
  • Fixed so the item description matches with the text that pops up when using the following items:
    • [Elvia] Vaha/Syca’s Rare Box, Vaha’s Rare Box


  • Changed so that Kvariak goes into hiding if you don’t engage it within 5 minutes of it making its presence known.

Quest & Knowledge

  • Improved the quest summaries of the following quests:
    • Improved to let Adventurers know they can cook/perform alchemy continuously after putting in the materials required for them once.
      • [Season] [Life 101] Lending a Helping Hand
      • [Season] [Life 101] Way to One’s Heart

NPC, Background, Sound

  • Mad Scientist Marni’s Spooky Playground is now open in Black Desert.
    • Darkness descends as frightful screams can be heard from Marni’s Spooky Playground. Even the skies are his testing grounds, as out of Marni’s very own airship, the Dream Mk II, comes forth creations such as the modified Oog automatons, results of countless sleepless nights of experimenting and tinkering, are finally revealing themselves to the world.


  • Changed so Privacy Mode can be used in Character Selection for Gamepad UI mode.
  • Made the following changes to the change server and server select screens:
    • Changed to no longer display Elvia Realm icons.
    • Changed to no longer display the Elvia Realm warning message that was displayed when entering Elvia Realm servers.


  • Applied UI optimization.


  • Fixed the issue of logging in abnormally sometimes as guardian to the Parental Controls website.
  • Improved Notification UI that displays when trying to login OTP with SMS without registering your phone number.
  • Changed the order of buttons in some pages.
  • Enhanced SMS security logic.
  • Improved so Adventurer’s Board comments are easier to use in Forum and in-game.
  • Added color to the link in forum, community comments, suggestions and posts.
  • Changed so the scroll location is maintained when writing or sorting comments in Announcements.

Modified or Changed

  • Fixed the issue of a cutscene not playing when using a Boss Summon Scroll time to time.
  • Fixed an awkward UI when entering Safe Zone upon reaching Lv. 51.
  • Fixed the issue of visibility off function not working in Quest widget.
  • Removed “Craft information can be checked” text in Old Moon Grand Prix Coin item description.
  • Fixed the issue of being able to go into the terrain at a certain location within Sherekhan Necropolis.
  • Fixed the issue of an unnatural objects appearing in a certain location within Heidel and Bartali Farm.
  • Fixed the issue of not being able to perform Caphras Enhancement in certain situations.
  • [Nova, Corsair] Special animation will now display when in idle after while wearing the Solare Knight outfit.
  • [Male Classes] Fixed the issue where the changes to the pants’ length was different for certain classes when equipping Mr. Mussels outfit and certain shoes.
  • Fixed the issue of Andre Vidal, the NPC where you can accept the daily quest from, did not appear in Quint Hill in Elvia Realm.
  • Fixed the issue where the accessories’ enhancement level was not displayed during the process of reforming your gear.
  • Fixed the issue where the camera angle would change when opening then closing the Skill window (K), resurrecting, and other situations.
  • Fixed the issue where the mouse would move abnormally at the edges of the screen in character selection, server selection, and character creation screens.
  • Fixed the issue where the transport button wasn’t being displayed in the storage keeper UI that allows you to move items from a storage in one area to another.
  • Fixed the issue where the border effects would remain on characters if they were disconnected while playing content that has borders, like the Red Battlefield and others, and caused them to be unable to move properly occasionally.