Black Knight Sword Preview

From the creators of Killer 7, No More Heroes, and Bayonetta comes the weirdest and most intriguing game since Noby Noby Boy.

What do you get when you cross traditional Czech animation with Japanese Shadow Puppetry and Monty Python humor and surreal art style? As well as plenty of brains on the floor after an attempt at comprehension, apparently you get Black Knight Sword as well, a side scrolling platformer with a hint of Castlevania.

So let’s back up and just start from the beginning. The curtains open on an apartment, but not just any apartment—a puppet apartment. Cardboard looking cut outs layer the scene in the most charming way, switching out as you move to the next screen. By the door you find a body lying on the floor, a black aura surrounding it and a sword sticking out of it. Oh yeah, and the playable character is trying to hang himself on a rope.

Apparently you failed to kill yourself though, as your character jumps off the rope and walks over to the body, with appropriately janky animation. As he nears, he grabs the sword, and the aura envelopes you, transforming him into a Black Knight, with a sword (get it?).

You then proceed through the city on a quest to defeat the White Princess, taking on evil spirits with your sword as you go. You have your basic one button attacks and charge up attacks, as well as magic attacks delivered by your ghostly friends that also help you double jump. There are a few puzzles that involve jumping, so it doesn’t get too repetitive with spamming the attack button.

After an enemy dies, they leave hearts which you can use as currency at the store that you access from creepy floating eyes that become creepy giant floating eyes as you browse their wares. Also, the hearts aren’t like your symmetrical love hearts, they’re actual hearts with aorta sticking out.

So yeah, there you have it: a truly odd and weird game, coming out early next year. And it can’t come soon enough.

Stay Tuned.

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