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Black Panther, Iron Man And Star Wars: Jedi Games Still In The Works Despite EA’s Move Away From Licensed IP Games

Electronic Arts chief executive officer Andrew Wilson announced on Wednesday that EA will layoff 5% of its workforce or 670 employees.

Part of that cut is also a strategic shift in how EA operates, with one of the major changes being a shift to focus more on IP that it owns, and moving away from projects where they pay a license for the IP.

This has already resulted in the cancellation of Respawn’s Star Wars FPS game that was in early production, however a report from IGN says that EA’s coming Black Panther, Iron Man, and Star Wars: Jedi projects are still in the works.

So it doesn’t seem like EA is moving away entirely from licensed projects. The Star Wars: Jedi games also have a huge community behind them, so that EA is keeping the series a focus is less of a surprise.

It’s Black Panther and Iron Man games however are untested, even if they’re established IP’s, that arguably only works to increase the scrutiny they’ll face. Depending on how they perform it’ll be interesting to see if EA continues to work with Disney and Marvel on these projects.

The IGN report does add that EA is still “focused” on its relationship with Disney and Marvel, though this pivot could be the beginning of the relationship’s end.

Source – [IGN]