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Black PS5 Retailer Has Deleted Its Website, Some Customers Have Yet To Receive A Refund

The company responsible for putting up a range of Black PS5 consoles for pre-order, SUP3R5, has deleted its website despite the fact some customers have yet to receive a refund for their purchase.

SUP3R5 put up about 300 PS5 consoles last month priced at $200 above the usual asking price for Sony’s new console, with its design based on the PlayStation 2. Things didn’t go to plan, however, as the website buckled under demand and payments were taken despite customers not securing their order.

It later apologised for the incident promised refunds, but just a few hours later its Twitter account was shuttered and all orders cancelled after the team received threats online.

Now, the website itself has been deleted, with Internet achieve indicating was closed down on or before January 31. As such, this would have been before many customers were able to receive refunds, and makes it incredibly difficult to contact the company.

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On Reddit, one user said that they had not yet received a refund from SUP3R5, while another said they managed to get one on February 2 after petitioning PayPal directly. Elsewhere, another customer told website VGC that they had opened a claim with PayPal after failing to receive a refund.

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