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Blacktail Will Support A 60FPS Dynamic 4K and 30FPS 4K Quality Mode On PS5

Blacktail is the slavic folklore based title from developer The Parasight and publisher Focus Entertainment that’ll be launching on PS5 this Thursday, December 15, 2022.

Ahead of the launch, publisher Focus Entertainment revealed the different visual modes that’ll be available for each platform, which also included the news that on PS5, it’ll support two different modes.

A dynamic 4K mode that runs at 60FPS, and a quality 4K mode which’ll run at 30FPS.

An action adventure game, Blacktail is based on the Baba Yaga folktale, and follows a young girl named Yaga, who has been exiled from her village on suspicions of witchcraft.

When her memories begin to come back as dangerous and volatile spirits, she’s forced to face her past in order to stop these spirits from running amuck and causing untold destruction.

You’ll combat these spirits with a mix of archery and magic in this first-person adventure, when it releases tomorrow on PS5.

Source – [Focus Entertainment]