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Blasphemous Was Backed On Kickstarter By Larian Studios For $1000, Never Asked For Anything In Return

The level designer for Blasphemous has revealed that Baldur’s Gate III developer Larian Studios was a major backed for the project when it launched on Kickstarter, having donated $1000 to the game without asking for anything in return.

Writing on Twitter, Enrique Colinet commented that Larian Studios dropped a four-figure sum, which was later confirmed to be $1000; the company’s logo is visible in the $1000 ‘The Punisher’ tier on its Kickstarter page.

Not many people know this, but @larianstudios was one of the biggest contributors during the @BlasphemousGame Kickstarter campaign. They dropped a four figures sum, never asked for their rewards, and just kept making one of the best games ever done in recent years. Legends!

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Developed by The Game Kitchen, Blasphemous was released in September 2019 for PS4, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. Be sure to have a gander at our full review here.

[Source – Enrique Colinet on Twitter, via PC Gamer]