Blast Factor

When Geometry Wars debuted on Microsoft’s Xbox 360, it was received with critical acclaim. The small budget title was an instant success, proving that a next generation title does not have to have an enormous budget to be successful. Blast Factor by Bluepoint Games, appears to be an effort to try to mimic Geometry Wars success on the PlayStation 3.

In Blast Factor, players pilot a small ship contained in a hexagon shaped petri dish, blasting away wave after wave of invading viruses. To control the ship, movement is as simple as shifting the left analog stick in the desired direction. The right analog stick rotates the blaster. The ship also features the "repeller", which pulls the camera into close proximity to the ship and slows time down bullet-time style. This mode not only makes dodging viruses temporarily easier, but allows the ship to fire waves that will destroy more viruses.

Blast Factor also makes use of the new SIXAXIS controller, allowing players to swing around the controller to shift the petri dish in the respective direction of the controller. This feature allows players to group viruses into large groups for instant annihilation. Some viruses will only be destroyable if flipped over, so manipulation of the petri dish can be the difference between going on to the next level or a heartbreaking game over.

The game features 100 levels, full 1080p support, and a branching path depending on what actions you take. Weapons also are upgradeable, including the standard homing and 3 shot spread types. Viruses players will face will include the standard kind that will run straight toward you, exploding viruses, viruses only destroyable if flipped on their backs, and cluster viruses that split up and home in on a player’s ship individually.


Blast Factor: Multi-Player Expansion Pack:

In the Blast Factor: Multi-Player expansion pack the game was expanded to support up to 4 players at a time. Included with this pack is the ability to select and increased game speed adding more difficulty and depth to the gameplay.

Blast Factor: Advanced Research Expansion Pack:

At SCEA’s Gamer’s Day 2007, a new expansion for Blast Factor was announced. The expansion is known as Blast Factor: Advanced Research. It will increase the number of levels available to play with new and complex enemies and new level designs.