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Bloodborne Kart Is The Sequel You Didn’t Know You Wanted In Your Life


As a range of April Fools Day jokes come in from developers and publishers one of the best this year is Bloodborne Kart, a sequel to Bloodborne which places you, the Hunter, in a vehicle racing around Central Yarnham.

The video and gameplay itself are fantastic and complete with some truly exemplary music. We even hear and see the Cleric Beast screaming on the track. Personally, we would like to see this get made for real. The retro art style is also a perfect fit.

The creation is from @B0tster on Twitter and you can see the full thing below, alongside the music which was made by Evelyn Lark.

While BloodborneKart might not be real, fans continuously hope for a remaster of Bloodborne for PS5 and Digital Foundry have provided us with a glimpse of what that could look like, with the game running at 4K 60 FPS.

Source – [@B0tster, The Noble Demon]