Bloodstained developer critical of Konami for Kojima controversy

In an interview with IGN, Bloodstained developer and former Konami employee, Koji Igarashi, spoke out against Konami and the on-going controversies surrounding Hideo Kojima. Although Igarashi says he doesn’t know anything other than what has been reported in the news regarding Kojima, Igarashi says he too was put in "difficult situations" while working at the company.

"…it’s always sad when really interesting franchises or really talented creators end up not being able to make the thing they’ve made in the past that has made the fans so happy, speaking brutally honest, that has generated revenue in the first place. So for him, it’s kind of a sad day to see that’s happening."

Igarashi also characterized Konami as a bully when dealing with their employees.

“…that company has a way of bullying their employees not to give out too much information – to say the least”

Igarashi credits Kickstarter for allowing him "another option to allow the fans to directly support his idea and help it come into fruition."

Despite Kojima and Kojima Productions falling out with Konami, the development of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain is said to be unaffected and is scheduled to launch on PS4 on September 1, 2015.