Blu-ray camp responds to 51GB HD-DVD

Today, Frank Simonis, chairman of the BDA commented on the claims that the HD DVD Promotional Group is releasing a triple-layer 51GB HD DVD disc. Simonis stated that he is not surprised by the announcement, and observes that the claims are only a marketing stunt to gain publicity.

"I’m not surprised at all…we believe they are very much in a reactive mood. Based on their format one would expect that a triple layer disc is three times a HD DVD single layer adding up to 45 GB. Now suddenly they change it to 51GB for promotional reasons”, said Simonis, during an interview with

"Secondly I have not heard anything about a production line for this odd format. When are they going to start making these discs?"

He points out the fact old HD-DVD players may not even be able to read the new discs, since they are 3-layers and pack 2GB per layer more than the original format.

"You better ask them…I question it, however, very much," Simonis stated.

According to rumors, the HD-DVD camp has suggested that the new discs will be playable in the older HD-DVD players via a firmware update, though nothing official has been confirmed yet. Stay tuned for more news on this subject as more information is released.