Border Break PS4 Release Is Free-To-Play (And Playable With A Mouse)

border break ps4

SEGA will launch its robot wars arcade series Border Break to PS4 as a free-to-play title. Confirmed only for release in Japan at the moment, an open beta for action-game will launch in February.

The third-person shooter features 10 vs 10 online multiplayer battles with robots. Players fight to destroy cores on enemy planets and gain control of energy reactor cores.

Border Break PS4 lets you use a mouse

Border Break will also be one of the few PS4 games that allow you to use a mouse as well as the DualShock 4 controller, and will feature single-player as well as numerous multiplayer modes.

Customisation will feature heavily, allowing players to equip their robots to suit their play-style with a variety of weapons, including assault, heavy fire, raid and support weapons.

Border Break is an arcade game that released in Japan in 2019. Players earn class points in the game allowing them to level up their rank. The robots are known as Blast Runners and boast various attributes, including shooting accuracy, booster capacity and reload speed. The four classes confirmed will be Assault, Heavy, Sniper and Support.

Border Break is incredibly popular in Japan, accumulating over $100 million in gross sales. Consequently, SEGA has a line of merchandise to appease fans, allowing players to buy models and model kits of the mechs, watch the manga and read books on its lore!

Stay tuned for the announcement on the Border Break PS4 release date.