Borderlands goes gold

Gearbox has confirmed that its upcoming sci-fi romp Borderlands has officially gone gold, with the game shipping out to retailers across North America on October 26. A European release is due on October 30.

Due out on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, Borderlands fuses FPS-based gameplay with RPG elements, allowing players to chose between three different characters, each with their own set of unique attributes and back story. The game itself centres on the discovery of a distant planet, Pandora, said to contain a copious supply of valuable minerals up for the taking.

However, upon arriving, colonists soon discover that the planet is devoid of riches, save for the remnants of an unknown alien civilisation. Seven years pass, and a race of alien creatures awake from hibernation, throwing the land into chaos; the only hope of survival is said to reside in a mysterious vault, which lays dormant in the side of a vast mountain range.

Stay tuned for our review of Borderlands at the end of the month.