Boxing promoter responds positively to calls for a new boxing game on PS4

new boxing game ps4

If there’s one thing sorely missing in this diverse generation of consoles it’s certainly a fully-fledged boxing game on PS4.

Not since Fight Night Champion back in 2011 – with its dastardly Trophy list – have we had a proper representation of the Sweet Science, with publisher Electronic Arts instead opting to pour resources into adaptations of MMA in the form of both EA Sports UFC and EA Sports UFC 2 respectively.

And while they’ve both performed admirably and received relatively tepid critical reception they haven’t come close to replicating the fervour around the Fight Night series in his heyday.

Well now, it looks as if we may have a small morsel of hope to cling onto. In response to a Tweet pleading for a new updated boxing title on current-generation hardware famed British boxing promoter Eddie Hearn replied simply with the words ”On it!”.

Now of course that’s not much to go on, and it could mean that either discussions are underway or it’s something a little bit more premature than that, but never one to shy away from where business can be done, we wouldn’t be surprised if Hearn has been exploring the idea for some time – after all it’s been six years since the last entry in the Fight Night series.

Could we see a Fight Night Round 5 or Fight Night Champion 2 on PS4?

Additionally, back in January we reported on a URL on EA’s official website which had a meta description that seemed to suggest movement or at least some consideration. It’s since been removed.

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