Brand new Resistance 2 details

Dying to hear new details on Insomniac’s epic PS3 exclusive Resistance 2? Here is a list of the latest facts from Insomniac’s Ted Price, Chad Dezern, Drew Murray and Jake Biegel.

– Single-player campain focuses on Nathan Hale and not just the Chimera invasion but his own "internal issues"
– Hale has 19 hours to live (Price suggests that it’s not Hale predicting it)
– The biggest boss in the game is about 300 feet tall
– Sentinels are ally soldiers that are immune to the virus, but have side affects due to immunity
– Boss called "Leviathan" (looks like the Cloverfield creature or Godzilla)
– One of the cities later in the game will be an altered 1950s Chicago
– The Grims are a melee enemy that attacks in hordes
– Chicago will be near the end of the game
– Opening of the game picks up exactly where Resistance: Fall of Man ends
– First level takes place in Iceland
– One of the locations in the Coop campaign takes place in Scotia, near the Redwoods
– There will be a lot of story crossover between single-player campaign and coop campaign
– Multiplayer maps are specifically designed for multiplayer
– Chimera will be in multiplayer, just not shown in current build
– New creature called the Chameleon will cloak and appear only when close, attacks are one hit kills
– Cloven are involved in the war against the Chimera, but won’t be in the U.S.
– For weapons…the Auger is back, however Insomniac has trashed the XR-005 Hailstorm
– Resistance 2 will have a two weapon system instead of carrying every weapon in the game
– Singe-player will have at least one vehicle
– No vehicles in multiplayer
– Cpt. Rachel Parker will not return in Resistance 2

So for now that’s all, however be sure to check out some of the latest screenshots of Resistance 2 gameplay here. Stay tuned to for more information.