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Bugsnax PS5 Trophy List Asks You To Collect Them All And More

Bugsnax creature guide

The Bugsnax PS5 trophy list has gone live ahead of the game’s release this coming week and it looks like it will be an achievable and satisfying platinum to earn whilst catching every creature. There are a total of 28 trophies to earn.

Bugsnax Master (Platinum)
Obtain all of the trophies.

Vacation’s End (Gold)
Complete the main story of Bugsnax.

Got To Catch Them All (Gold)
Catch 100 unique species of Bugsnax.

Sidetracked (Gold)
Complete all of the side quests.

Feeding Frenzy (Gold)
Fully transform every Grumpus.

Bossy Bugs (Gold)
Defeat all of the Legendary Bugsnax.

Survivor (Gold)
All of the Grumpuses survive.

Documentarian (Silver)
Watch all of Lizbert’s video diaries.

Talkin’ Bout Bugsnax (Silver)
Interview every Grumpus.

In The Arms of the Gramble (Silver)
Donate the max amount of Bugsnax to Gramble’s ranch.

Know Thy Neighbor (Silver)
Return every Grumpus to Snaxburg.

Halfway There (Silver)
Catch 50 unique species of Bugsnax.

I’m Stuffed (Silver)
Fully transform a Grumpus.

Candid Cryptid (Silver)
Scan the Snaxsquatch

Sundae Best (Silver)
Transform a Grumpus with Scoopy, Banopper, and Cheery.

Trippin’ Ball (Silver)
Stun a Bugsnak with the Trip Shot attached to your Buggy Ball

Grab Bag (Silver)
Empty one biome of all its Snakpods.

Everybody Gets One (Bronze)
Catch your first Bugsnak.

Combo Meal (Bronze)
Transform a Grumpus with Bunger, Fryder, and Sodie.

Launch Party (Bronze)
Stun a flying Bugsnak by launching another Bugsnak at it.

Midnight Snak (Bronze)
Transform Gramble.

That Reminds Me of a Puzzle (Bronze)
Solve the secret of the lava cave, or the secret of the dunes.

Double Trapper (Bronze)
Catch more than one Bugsnak in your Snak Trap at once.

Say Cheese! (Bronze)
Scan a Grumpus after saucing them with cheese.

Perf Dirt (Bronze)
Steal Beffica’s diary from her cave.

Quartermaster (Bronze)
Catch 25 unique species of Bugsnax.

Gone Home (Bronze)
Find your way to Snaxburg.

Wonderfalls (Bronze)
Check behind the waterfall for secrets.

Bugsnax releases for PS5 in the US and PS4 on November 12, 2020, and for PS5 in the EU and UK on November 19, 2020.

Source – [Exophase]