Burnout to receive police vehicles, pursuit gameplay?

Electronic Arts has a strong history of publishing great racing titles, from the early days of Road Rash, to the Need for Speed franchise, and most recently, Burnout Paradise. Unfortunately for the publisher, their two former titles either died or have hit quite the standstill in successful sales figures. On the flip side, Burnout Paradise has continued to push the bill in providing gamers with consistently fresh content to prolong the gaming experience.


So, what’s next in line for the Burnout franchise? If recent rumors are to be taken seriously, you can expect police vehicles to make their way into Paradise City, and perhaps bring with them a hot pursuit mode like the glory days of Need for Speed. It’s no secret that this would inevitably make Burnout Paradise the premiere racer within the current generation, bar none.

We’ve sent out an email to the guys at Criterion to see if we can land any further information on what’s to come.