Buy Hotline Miami 2 and get Payday 2 extra content free, including masks

There’s a nice little incentive if you’re a Hotline Miami fan who also happens to own PayDay 2. If you buy the standard edition of Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number you will get a Hotline Miami Mask Pack for PayDay 2.

The pack includes 5 gallons of Hype Fuel for the upcoming Hype Train event and six masks: Richter the Rat, Jake the Snake, Alex the Swan, Tony the Tiger, Corey the Zebra, and Helmet.

If you buy the Digital Special Edition, you’ll get all six masks, plus the “Richards Returns” mask, as well as the Jacket character set, the Sociopath perk deck, 10 gallons of Hype Fuel, the Jacket’s Piece SMG and a hammer weapon called Carpenter’s Delight.

Hotline Miami 2 purchase brings Hotline Miami-themed masks to PayDay 2

More details on the offer can be found on the official Hotline Miami 2 page.

A sequel to the critically-lauded original, Hotline Miami 2 is looking to ramp up proceedings significantly, with more blood and gore than ever before – so much so in fact, that the game’s already been refused classification in Australia.

Hotline Miami 2 launches on March 10, 2015 on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita.