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Cairn Is A New Survival-Climber From The Creators Of Furi And Haven

The Game Bakers has announced a brand new title at Summer Game Fest 2024’s opening showcase this evening — the survival-climber, Cairn.

Following pro-climber Aava’s quest to conquer a summit never reached before, Cairn is billed as a realistic mountain ascent adventure featuring an intuitive climbing simulation that allows players the ability to scale the mountain seamlessly, as well as explore it freely and decide their own path by reading the rock face.

The climbing itself isn’t a walk in the park, and player will be faced with challenging sections to navigate as they scale the mountain, with requiring diligent use of your equipment and pitons. You must also manage key resources in the high-altitude conditions, making the most of what you can find and hunting for additional food and water.

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Creative Director of Cairn, Emeric Thoa, commented:

With Cairn, we are exploring a new genre that we named “Survival-Climber”. We have created a new type of climbing simulation. It feels extremely natural and intuitive, yet the challenges of the mountain will test players’ determination.

Carin is scheduled for release on PC and consoles in 2025.